Best Backup Camera and Displays iMore 2022

Most new cars come standard with backup cameras. We use them without giving much thought to how we can now see through what we once labeled a blind spot. If your car didn't come with a camera or you want to upgrade your ride, we have a few suggestions. These are the best backup cameras this year.

Garmin Driveassist Render Cropped

Best for travelers: Garmin DriveAssist 51 NA LMT-S

Staff Pick

Garmin combines one of its most popular GPS units with a wireless backup camera to give you this package deal. The Garmin DriveAssist 51 comes with a lifetime of access to maps, traffic, parking, and alerts. You'll also get the Garmin BC 40 wireless backup cam to help you scope out what's behind your vehicle — park and change lanes safely. If you're looking for a top of the line, this is one of the best backup cameras to buy.

$342 at Amazon
Auto Vox Solar 1 Render Cropped

Powered by the sun: AUTO-VOX Solar 1

There's no drilling or wiring required with the AUTO-VOX Solar 1. It takes five short minutes to mount the camera over your license place and secure the wireless display on your dash. Powered by the sun, the Solar 1 works well day or night and will not interfere with other signals from your iPhone, Bluetooth headphones, or cellular iPad. Images happen in real-time, and the camera allows you to see 9.8-feet behind your car. What could be easier?

Yada Behindsight Backup Camera

Stick it on your window: Yada BehindSight

The Yada BehindSight kit comes with a 5-inch monitor, a mounting kit, the camera, zip ties, and all the hardware needed for do-it-yourself installation. This model needs to be wired into your reverse lights to function, but it takes only minutes to accomplish that small feat. The camera mounts over your license plate with nothing other than a screwdriver. The large 5-inch display sticks to your windshield with an adjustable suction cup. This kit from Yada works well for cars, trucks, RVs, and trailers. The picture is sharp and accurate, and the camera withstands rain, snow, and dust without issue.

Erapta Er0202 Render Cropped

Just for trailers: eRapta ER0202

Backup your semi, trailer, or RV with confidence with the eRapta ER0202. You'll get four cameras with this kit, and you choose where to install them. Add them to the top of your trailer, the rear, sides, or wherever you want. The added eyes help you maneuver big rigs and trailers, literally giving you eyes in the back of your head. All cameras wire into your reverse lights and turn on when you shift into reverse. The TFT color monitor screws to your dash and delivers a real-time view you can count on in any weather. If you drive a big rig, the eRapta ER0202 is a must-have accessory.

$200 at Amazon
Pyle Backup Camera Render Cropped

Best display: PYLE PLCM7500

An easy-to-see display is a common denominator in all of the best backup cameras, and the PYLE PLCM7500 scores high marks here. This kit comes with an impressive 7-inch color LCD, a license plate backup camera, all the wiring needed for installation, and a remote to manipulate the system. Distance scales are accurate with this unit from PYLE, and it's a steal at this price.

Fookoo Ii Render Cropped

For big rigs: Fookoo II HD 9" Wired Backup Camera System

Those with big trucks need a camera system with a bigger reach. The Fookoo II is an HD 9-inch wired backup camera system. You'll get a crisp 1080P 9-inch display and an IP69 waterproof rearview camera that fits perfectly on box trucks, semis, and farm equipment. The 170-degree angle camera has 18 infrared lights to keep you and your rig safe any time of day or night, and the whole thing is resistant to weather, dust, and dirt.

$180 at Amazon

Which backup camera and monitor should you buy?

Backup cameras and displays are one of those overlooked pieces of gear that we all rely on daily without giving them much thought. Like your car's radio, they just work, and they improve our driving experience.

We love the Garmin DriveAssist 51 NA LMT-S for its lifetime access to Garmin maps and the BC 40 backup camera that easily mounts over any license plate.

If you don't want to mess around with recharging batteries, the AUTO-VOX Solar 1 is the best backup camera for you. It recharges itself via the sun and comes with a beautiful 5-inch display.

If you're a truck driver, haul a trailer or travel by RV, you want the eRapta ER0202 by your side. Four cameras give needed eyes to the rear, top, and sides of your vehicle and trailer and stream color video to a large TFT dash display.

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