Best Backup Camera and Displays iMore 2020

Most new cars come standard with backup cameras. We use them without giving much thought to how we can now see through what we once labeled a blind spot. If your car didn't come with a camera or you want to upgrade your ride, we have a few suggestions. These are the backup cameras and displays we think are best this year.

Best wide angle view: eRapta Wireless ERT03

Staff pick

If you want the widest angle of view, opt for the affordable eRapta Wireless ERT03. The camera screws on to your license mounts and connects to your car's rear backup lights. The real-time video is then streamed via Bluetooth to a dash cam that's powered by the 12V socket in your vehicle. The eRapta gives you a full 149-degree field of view and is triggered the moment you shift your car into reverse. Installation is easy and pain-free. This model is waterproof and can withstand crazy temperature swings and changes in season. The 5-inch LCD streams in HD 1080P, and the picture is clear day or night.

$110 at Amazon

Stick it on your window: Yada BehindSight

The Yada BehindSight kit comes with a 5-inch monitor, a mount kit, the camera, zip ties, and all the hardware needed for do-it-yourself installation. Yada's BehindSight needs to be wired into your reverse lights to function, but it takes only minutes to accomplish that small feat. The camera mounts over your license plate with nothing than a screwdriver. The large 5-inch display sticks to your windshield with an adjustable suction cup. This kit from Yada works well for cars, trucks, RVs, and even trailers. The picture is sharp and accurate, and the camera withstands rain, snow, and dust without issue.

$113 at Amazon

Superb digital display: AUTO-VOX W7

The W7 from AUTO-VOX is a wireless backup camera and monitor combo that's suitable for all vehicles, including RVs, trailers, and buses. A 5-inch TFT monitor outputs stable digital footage in real-time, and colors are bright and spot-on in any weather. To get going, just connect the camera wires to your reverse lights, secure the camera to your vehicle, and you're good to go. The monitor sticks to your dash or windshield with a wide, adjustable suction cup that never loses its hold. The W7 gives you a generous 110-degree angle of view and is fully waterproofed against Mother Nature and car washes.

$150 at Amazon

Just for trailers: eRapta ER0202

Backup your semi, trailer, or RV with confidence with the eRapta ER0202. You'll get four cameras with this kit, and you choose where to install them. Add them to the top of your trailer, the rear, sides, or wherever you want. The added eyes help you maneuver big rigs and trailers, literally giving you eyes in the back of your head. All cameras wire into your reverse lights and turn on when you shift into reverse. The TFT color monitor screws to your dash and delivers a real-time view you can count on in any weather. If you drive a big rig, the eRapta ER0202 is a must-have accessory.

$200 at Amazon

Which backup camera and monitor should you buy?

Backup cameras and displays are one of those overlooked pieces of gear that we all rely on daily without giving them much thought. Like your car's radio, they just work, and they improve our driving experience.

We love the eRapta Wireless ERT03 for its 149-degree wide-angle view. The video feed is smooth, never suffering blackouts or connection issues, and installation is quick and easy.

If you're a truck driver, haul a trailer, or travel by RV, you want the eRapta ER0202 by your side. Four cameras give needed eyes to the rear, top, and sides of your vehicle and trailer and stream color video to a large TFT dash display.

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