Best Backup Camera and Displays 2022

Auto Vox Hero
Auto Vox Hero (Image credit: AUTO-VOX)

Most new cars come standard with backup cameras. We use them without giving much thought to how we can now see through what we once labeled a blind spot. If your car didn't come with a camera or you want to upgrade your ride, we have a few suggestions. These are the best backup cameras this year.

Which backup camera and monitor should you buy?

Backup cameras and displays are one of those overlooked pieces of gear that we all rely on daily without giving them much thought. Like your car's radio, they just work, and they improve our driving experience.

We love the Garmin DriveAssist 51 NA LMT-S for its lifetime access to Garmin maps and the BC 40 backup camera that easily mounts over any license plate.

If you don't want to mess around with recharging batteries, the AUTO-VOX Solar 1 is the best backup camera for you. It recharges itself via the sun and comes with a beautiful 5-inch display.

If you're a truck driver, haul a trailer or travel by RV, you want the eRapta ER0202 by your side. Four cameras give needed eyes to the rear, top, and sides of your vehicle and trailer and stream color video to a large TFT dash display.

Jodi Owan

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