Best backup cameras 2022

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If your car or truck didn't come with all the bells and whistles or you opted out of the expensive add-ons during purchase, now is your time to shine. You can quickly and inexpensively add a backup camera to your vehicle, giving you a wide-angle view of everything behind you. Looking for the best your money can buy? Take a peek at our list of the best backup cameras this year.

The best of the best backup cameras

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Backup cameras come standard in new cars and have proven themselves worth the expense. If your vehicle didn't come with a dashboard display, we recommend picking up the AUTO-VOX CS-2. It's a wireless backup camera kit that includes a stellar camera and a 4.3-inch mountable display. If your vehicle has an inbuilt GPS or touchscreen receiver on the dash, you'll save tons of money and still get a great backup camera when you go with the eRapta ERT01. It has a wide-angle 149-degree FOV and LED backup lights that improve your night vision and visibility.

If you dream of front-facing and backup cameras, you've met your match with VanTop. You'll get a camera for the front of your vehicle and a backup camera, plus a 10-inch touchscreen mirror to control it all.

Want to add more helpful info to your car? Grab an phone mount and put your iPhone front and center.

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