Best Battery Backup for Oculus Go

With the Oculus Go finally out, there are many things to keep in mind when you're playing it on the go. One of the main concerns is how to keep the battery full when playing it since there's not a whole lot you can do on the go.

These are the best options for battery backups you can get for your Oculus Go.

Aukey Portable Power Bank

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Aukey is a great brand if you're looking for accessories for your phone, so it's no surprise its charger is on the list. This charger has 20000 mAh with a micro USB input for you to charge it up.

For $32, it's a great charger even if it comes at a bit of a high price.

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KMASHI Portable Power Bank

If you're on a budget after purchasing your Oculus Go, this charger by KMashi is exactly what you're looking for. It has 10000 mAh for you to charge up with as well as micro USB input for you to charge it up when you're not on the go.

It's a wonderful option for someone who just spent a couple hundred bucks on the headset since it's only $12.

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RAVPower Portable Power Bank

RAVPower is a great option for chargers if you don't mind spending extra money on it. This charger offers 22000 mAh with a micro USB charger and it comes with two chargers.

It's a great charger for when you're going on a long trip if you don't mind spending $42 on it.

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Xiaomi Compact Power Bank Pro

Xiaomi is a great brand for chargers, and their sleek matte design makes it even more desirable. With 10000 mAh and a micro USB cord with a USB-C adapter, this charger is great for your Oculus Go.

It's a great charger and not a bad deal for $27.

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

This compact Anker charger is perfect for traveling with, which you will be doing with your Oculus Go. This small charger has 10000 mAh with a micro USB cable for charging as well as using with your Oculus Go.

It's a good charger, but with the $30 price tag, it's a bit expensive for the amount of power you get.

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