Best Bose Soundbars iMore 2020

When it comes to adding audio to your home theater or gaming setup, soundbars are a popular choice thanks to a quick setup, a sleek look, and great sound. Bose, a name synonymous with quality audio, has some impressive soundbars to choose from, and we've rounded up the absolute best right here.

Best audio: Bose Soundbar 700

Editor's choice

The Soundbar 700 is Bose's premium option (with a price to match), stocked with proprietary drivers that deliver unreal sound. It can adapt itself to deliver the best audio possible for the specific room it's in, it works with Amazon Alexa, it supports HDMI-ARC, and it simply looks stunning in either white or black finishes.

$799 at Amazon

Mid-range audio: Bose Soundbar 500

The Soundbar 500 has a matte black finish with a wrap-around grill for a slightly different look, but it still pumps out great audio while being slightly smaller than the Soundbar 700. It supports HDMI-ARC connectivity, has an Ethernet port, and it works with Amazon Alexa for easy voice control of your music.

$549 at Amazon

Budget option: Bose Solo 5

As far as Bose soundbars go, this one is about as cheap as possible. Despite the price, the Solo 5 pumps out a full sound and has AUX, optical, and coaxial hookups to make setup simple. Whether it's sitting below your TV or mounted on a wall, this compact option will turn your entertainment setup into something special.

$199 at Amazon

Older but still great: Bose SoundTouch 300

Slightly older and a bit cheaper than the Soundbar 700, the SoundTouch 300 is still a formidable soundbar that'll put out similar sound quality thanks to using Bose's custom drivers. It also provides HDMI throughput, supports NFC connectivity, and works with Amazon Alexa. If you want awesome audio for a bit cheaper, this is a great choice.

$699 at Amazon

Add deep bass: Bose Bass Module 700

If you find that the bass coming from your soundbar isn't quite as deep and booming as you'd like, you can add the Bose Bass Module 700. It's designed to match the sleek black look of the soundbar, and it's as easy to set up as possible. Just plug it in and feel the rumble. This additional hardware is compatible with the Bose Soundbar 700, 500, and SoundTouch 300.

$699 at Amazon

If we're making a suggestion

If you're looking for the absolute best Bose has to offer when it comes to soundbars, you really can't go wrong with the Soundbar 700. Yes, it's expensive, but it pumps out an unreal sound and is stocked with premium features. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant wait to hear your commands, and you can connect with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to easily stream from your favorite devices.

The understated design includes a sleek black glass top that will match your TV, with the edges ringed in a grid covering speakers and transducers. A universal remote is included, though you can also add an app to your phone to control sound. If you'd like extra bass to boost the soundbar's audio, check out the Bose Bass Module 700.

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