Best Bundles for the Kodak Mini Shot iMore 2021

The Kodak Mini Shot a fun camera that's suitable for any age group. It's small enough to take with you anywhere, prints photos, and saves pictures to a memory card to share on social media. What's not to love? When you invest in a bundle, you get loads of accessories and the camera at a bargain-basement price. Take a look at some of our favorite Kodak Mini Shot bundles this year.

Basic bundle

Just the basics: Kodak Mini Shot Basic Bundle

Staff Pick

When you just want the necessities, go with the Kodak Mini Shot Basic Bundle. The camera is a part of this deal. Pick a camera color of your liking from one of five choices: black, baby blue, pink, purple, or white. This deal also includes a box of film with 20 sheets of photo paper and a soft-sided carrying case. It's everything you need to get started at an affordable price.

Kodak Mini Gift Bundle Render Cropped

A gift that's sure to please: Kodak Mini Shot Gift Bundle

Packed with everything you can imagine, the Kodak Mini Shot Gift Bundle is a perfect present for anyone, including yourself. You'll get the camera in one of six colors, plus photo paper, markers, frames, stocker borders, a photo album, decorative stickers, a hanging photo frame art project, and a carrying case. This is a big bundle that's sure to please any photographer.

$173 at Amazon
Kodak Mini Scrapbook Bundle

For scrapbookers: Kodak Mini Shot Scrapbook Bundle

If you fancy yourself an expert scrapbooker or have always wanted to start, here's your chance. The popular Kodak Mini Shot Scrapbook Bundle gives you all the tools to create your own masterpieces. This kit comes with the Kodak Mini Shot camera, film, a scrapbook, a frame craft project, stickers, a photo album, scissors, markers, and color decorative tape. Let your imagination run wild!

$180 at Amazon
Kodak Mini Shot Deluxe bundle

A big step up: Kodak Mini Shot Deluxe Bundle

When you want to get more bang for your buck, we like the Kodak Mini Shot Deluxe Bundle. This is a big package of goodies guaranteed to please your crafty side. It comes with the Kodak Mini Shot camera, 20 sheets of photo paper, a photo album, a hanging frames craft project, and a soft carrying case.

Kodak Mini Artist Bundle Render Cropped

Bring out your inner artist: Kodak Mini Artist Bundle

Let your artistic side shine! Kodak's Art Bundle comes with all goods to set your talent free. You'll get an 8x8 cloth scrapbook to store photos and doodles or give as a gift when stuffed with your work. There are 12 twin tip markers included, plus 100 border stickers, six decorative scissors, and Washi tape.

$140 at Amazon

Parting thoughts

The Kodak Mini Shot is a fun instant camera that lets you send your photographs to your phone for sharing on social media or print to share with friends. Picking up a bundle is a smart way to save some cash and collect a few extra tools. Our favorite is the Kodak Mini Shot Basic Bundle. The kit comes with the Kodak Mini Shot camera, a protective carrying case, and photo paper. It's everything you need to get started.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect present, we recommend the Kodak Mini Shot Gift Bundle. With stickers, markers, photo albums, art projects, the camera, and more included, you'll get a wide assortment of goodies sure to please.

For budding artists, check out Kodak's Art Bundle. It comes with a scrapbook, stickers, Washi tape, scissors, markers, film, and the Kodak Mini Shot camera.

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