Best Bundles for the Kodak Printomatic iMore 2021

What's better than picking up a brand new, super cool Kodak Printomatic? Getting a bundle so you can explore a ton of creative options while you capture and instantly print your memories! Here are some of the best bundles available right now for the Kodak Printomatic!


The most bang for your buck: Kodak Printomatic All-In-Bundle

Staff favorite

Go above and beyond and get yourself a bundle that gives you the most bang for your buck. This set includes a Kodak Printomatic with 20 additional sheets of Zink paper, a deluxe carrying case, a jumbo photo album to display your memories, seven different sticker sets, markers, decorative borders, colored picture frames with pins and string, colored tape, and multi-shaped scissors to customize your photos.

$150 at Amazon

A li'l something more: Kodak Printomatic Deluxe Bundle

If you're looking for a kit that adds a little bit more than just a fancy new Printomatic, then take a peek at the reasonably priced Kodak Printomatic Deluxe Bundle. With the bundle, you get an additional carrying case, a camera strap, a photo album, and 20 Zink printer sheets. You can pick up the Kodak Printomatic Deluxe Bundle in a variety of color options.

$100 at Amazon

The gift that keeps on giving: Kodak Printomatic Gift Bundle

On the search for the perfect gift or want to treat yourself to something fun? Then the Kodak Printomatic Gift Bundle might be the right way to go! This all-in-one photography kit comes with a carrying case for your camera, stickers, and pens to decorate your printed memories, a photo album, and 20 additional Zink printer sheets. This particular bundle comes in multiple colors.

$70 at Amazon

Just the basics: Kodak Printomatic Paper Bundle

If you're the DIY type, you don't need all the bells, whistles, and extras included in some of the other bundles. You like to grit your teeth and get down to business flexing your own creative muscles. For you, I present the Kokak Printomatic Paper Bundle. This basic offering includes a camera in your choice of colors, plus a 50 pack of premium Zink photo paper. You only need to bring your vision.

$95 at Amazon

Which bundle is right for you?

Shoot, print, and get creative with a Kodak Printomatic bundle. With so many options, which do you choose? We personally la-la-love all the extra creative crafty things you can do with the Kodak Printomatic All-In-Bundle. This kit gives you everything you need to bring your photos to life.

If you'd rather keep it simple and keep costs down, stick with the Kodak Printomatic Paper Bundle. Just grab a camera in your favorite color, and you'll be gifted 50 sheets of Zink photo paper. Now that's a deal!

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