Best Car Headrest Mounts for iPad

If you have a long road trip ahead or simply want to keep the little ones busy while cruising around town, then iPads can be your best friends. They can be even better friends when you don't have to hold onto them.

We've rounded up the best car headrest mounts for iPad so that your passengers can watch movies and TV shows entirely unencumbered.

TFY Car Headrest Mount Holder

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TFY's car mount works with your iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4, making it a great choice for families that may have multiple generations of iPads in use.

This mount is made out of stain-resistant synthetic leather. I'll say that again: STAIN-RESISTANT. If you're driving cross-country and apple juice, granola bars, and the occasional gummy candy abound, then this is the mount for you.

It also leaves all the necessary ports available, so that headphones can be connected, unfettered.

TFY Car Headrest Mount Holder only works with iPad 2 and later, including iPad Air 2 and the 9.7-inch iPad. If you have an original iPad and were hoping to give it new life as a car-pad, you'll need to look for a different mount. Grab it on Amazon for only $15.

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Jarv Premium Multi Passenger Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount


Jarv's Premium Multi Passenger Universal Headrest mount is perfect for families with more than one child... but only one iPad. With most velcro mounts, you'd have to secure your iPad to the back of one headrest, leaving the person on the other side of the car craning to see anything. Jarv's cradle hooks around the headrest's posts so that you iPad sits between the driver and passenger seat.

Fitting every version of the iPad, the Jarv Premium Multi Passenger Universal Headrest swivels to accommodate most viewing angles. Now the only griping you'll hear will be over what to watch instead of who gets to watch. It's worth it for $40.

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Inndise iPad Headrest Mount

Inndise makes a mount to fit every generation of iPad, including the iPad Air and Air 2, so you're covered, protected, and mounted, no matter which version you have, and each model is only about $24.

Inndise's mount is made of PU leather, so it's durable and without hard plastic pieces that could break off and be swallowed. Its 27.5-inch velcro strap is long enough to fit around most car headrests, so you shouldn't have to worry about fit.

Note that this will fit your iPad on its own, so you'll have to take any cases off. Just make sure you choose the correct model before checkout.

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Arkon Center Extension Car Headrest Tablet Mount

The Arkon Center Extension Mount fits around your headrest's posts and then extends so that the iPad is between seats. If you've got more than one child but only one iPad, they should all be able to see it equally well.

The Arkon mount swivels 360 degrees and tilts 30 degrees left and right, so no one will have to crane their neck to see the screen and games that are in portrait orientation can be played without having to remove your iPad from the mount.

Arkon's mount fits every generation and size of iPad except the first generation, so you're out of luck with the very old, but covered for everything else. Grab it off Amazon for about $30.

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LilGadgets CarBuddy

This $20 mount fits all generations of iPad and its spring-loaded arms cradle your iPad in portrait or landscape, with access to all ports left wide open.

This is a great, minimalist mount that holds your iPad from the corners so that it isn't accidentally pressing volume buttons or the power button. Installation is quick and easy and you get a 1-year warranty from LilGadgets.

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Your mount picks?

Did we miss your favorite iPad headrest mount? Let us know all about it in the comments!

Updated August 2017: Added the LilGadgets CarBuddy and pricing for each headrest mount.

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