Best Car Heads-Up Displays iMore 2019

Many modern cars come with some form of easily readable heads up displays, but they often don't offer much information beyond how fast you're going, how much gas is left, and perhaps your current fuel consumption. A third-party, add-on HUD for your car can provide you with all kinds of other essential information, all while letting you keep your eyes on the road so you don't need to glance down to check your gauges.

All the info: SHEROX A900 HUD

Staff Favorite

This HUD from SHEROX displays more than just speed and milage onto your windshield. In addition to the speed of your vehicle, get readouts for water temperature, engine speed, fuel consumption, time, and voltage, as well as alarms and reminders for high temperatures, fatigued driving, and more. Requires an OBDII port.

$50 at Amazon

Plug & play: LeaningTech Universal Car HUD

LeaningTech's heads up display is easy to set up and use, plugging into your car's cigarette lighter for power. It connects to a GPS satellite in order to deliver real-time data on your speed, and easily switches between Miles and Kilometers Per Hour.

$30 at Amazon

Compact information: ITEQ GPS Car HUD

Another HUD that plugs into your cigarette lighter, ITEQ's unit keeps you headed in the right direction, displaying GPS-aided speed, altitude, and current direction.

$53 at Amazon

Everything you need to know: Autolover A8 HUD

Plugging into your car's OBDII port, Autolover's A8 HUD shows driving speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, current and average fuel consumption, shift reminders, and so much more.

$48 at Amazon

Small, light, powerful: Arpenkin X5 OBD2 HUD

Keep an eye on all of your car's vital information with this compact HUD unit, with gauges for speed, RPM, voltage, and more. Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display depending on the light outside of the car so your eyes don't get strained at night. Plugs into the OBDII port.

$33 at Amazon

Modern navigator: Hudly Wireless HUD

Meant primarily for navigation, Hudly's wireless HUD connects to your iPhone or Android devices over Bluetooth and displays navigation information from apps like Google Maps or Waze directly in your line of sight. Plugs into your car's cigarette lighter for universal compatibility.

$255 at Amazon

Our recommendation

These heads up displays are a great way to keep an eye on your car's essentials stats, from speed to water temperature, without taking your eyes off the road. The SHEROX A900 offers all of the information I'd want without overloading me, projecting everything on to the windshield and reading that information directly from the car's OBDII port.

If you want something a little more compact, Arpenkin's X5 HUD also plugs into the OBDII port, and while it's not as easily readable as the SHROX, it still provides a lot of information. If you're looking for something that connects to your phone, check out the Hudly Wireless HUD.

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