Best Car Heads-Up Displays in 2022

Acecar Heads Up Display
Acecar Heads Up Display (Image credit: Amazon)

Many modern cars come with some form of easily readable heads-up displays, but they often don't offer much information beyond how fast you're going, how much gas is left, and perhaps your current fuel consumption. A third-party, add-on HUD for your car can provide you with all kinds of other essential information, all while letting you keep your eyes on the road, so you don't need to glance down to check your gauges.

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These heads-up displays are a great way to keep an eye on your car's essentials stats, from speed to water temperature, without taking your eyes off the road. The ACECAR Heads Up Display (opens in new tab) offers all of the information I'd want without overloading me, projecting everything on to the windshield and reading that information directly from the car's OBDII port or via GPS.

If you want something a little more compact, WonVon's X5/X6 Car Windshield HUD (opens in new tab) also plugs into the OBDII port, and while it's not as easily readable as the ACECAR, it still provides a lot of information. If you're looking for something that works with an app and your phone, check out the Armor All Heads Up Display (opens in new tab).

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