Best cases and covers for HomePod iMore 2019

Having a HomePod around the house is awesome (no one can deny that), but what about if it gets dusty? Or accidentally slides off your counter? What if you need to take it somewhere to bring the joy of the HomePod to one and all? Never fear, here are the best cases and covers for your HomePod!

2 covers are better than 1: WAWAHA HomePod Cover

Keep your HomePod looking sleek and stylish while still protecting it from the outside world with the WAWAHA HomePod Cover. These anti-dust covers are made from a highly elastic mesh material that'll save your speaker from scratches and scrapes. The WAWAHA HomePod Cover has no effect on sound quality. You can pick up this particular speaker set (yup! You get 2! In Dacron Light, Dacron Spot, Nylon black and white and Nylon Black.

$14 at Amazon

Elastic + dustproof: TXEsign Elastic Anti Dust HomePod Cover

Add a pop of color — or don't, there are black, white, and gray options, too — to your HomePod speaker with some help from this fresh and functional TXEsign Elastic Anti Dust HomePod Cover. This custom-fit cover is super stretchy and fits your HomePod like a glove while still allowing the cord to fit through the cover. The TXEsign Elastic Anti Dust HomePod Cover comes bright colors like blue, red, and lime green.

$10 at Amazon

Pack, go, and play: Bestand HomePod Travel Case

Maybe you're someone who travels a lot and wants to take your HomePod with you. If so, check out the Bestand HomePod Travel Case! This particular case is lightweight but durable and provides extra room for your USB cable. The convenient zipper makes it ideal for traveling, while the leather handle provides comfort and a little pop of fashion flair.

$20 at Amazon

Bye-bye, slippage: TenCloud Anti-Slip Silicone HomePod Case

Sometimes the simplest solution is a sleek and stylin' silicone cover, honey. The TenCloud Anti-Slip Silicone HomePod Case is a durable cover that's made from high-quality silicone that's designed to grip any surface it's on. You can easily charge your HomePod without removing the case, too. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, red and white, black and white, and blue and gray.

$11 at Amazon

Covered n' concealed: LuckyNV Protective Carrying Cover for HomePod

Portable, functional, and ready to protect your HomePod from dust and scratches: what more could you ask for from a case for your HomePod? This durable neoprene cover comes in two parts, the top being a dust cover and the bottom being a coaster of sorts. Combined together, they make the perfect traveling tool, but on their own, they can act as a coaster or a dust cover for your HomePod.

$13 at Amazon

Simple and safety meets silicone: LuckyNV Protective Silicone Rubber Cover

Add an extra layer of silicone, and therefore an extra layer of peace of mind, to your HomePod speaker with some help from the LuckyNV Protective Silicone Rubber Cover. This tough silicone cover is lightweight and super elastic, making it the perfect partner for your HomePod. The LuckyNV Protective Silicone Rubber Cover comes in three different, eye-catching colors, including red, black, and white

$10 at Amazon

Whether you're traveling with your HomePod, looking for a simple dust cover, or anything in between, there's an option out there for you. We personally love the look of the WAWAHA HomePod Cover, but everyone is different! Good luck, and happy shopping!

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