The Apple Pencil is your connection to a nearly organic drawing experience on the iPad Pro. You can take notes, draw, and use it as a simple stylus, and the pressure sensitivity is just so that you can even shade the pictures you draw — even using the side of the Pencil like you would a real one.

Your Apple Pencil is a somewhat delicate piece of tech, though, so you should protect while toting it around. Here are the best cases for Apple Pencil.

Belkin carrying case and stand

This case is absolutely perfect for the hardcore iPad Pro artist on the go. For roughly $30, you get a fabric-line case, which features a protective lid, and it has space for your Lightning adapter, pencil cap, and an extra pencil tip, making it perfect for sketching and other artistic pursuits no matter where you go or for how long.

The best feature is the hole for the tip (phrasing), which lets this act as an Apple Pencil stand as much as is it a case. It's like an inkwell for a quill!

Zugu Case peel-n-stick elastic stylus pocket

Already have an iPad case that you love, but would also love one with a spot for an Apple Pencil? Well the Zugu Case stylus pocket lets you simply add one, thanks to a convenient adhesive strip. Peel and stick the pocket to the inside of your folio case or to the outside of any other iPad case you may have and boom: built-in Apple Pencil case.

These come in navy blue and black and are roughly $12.

Apple Pencil Case

Straight from the proverbial horse's mouth is Apple's own case for the Pencil. This simple leather case houses your Apple Pencil with a little window to show off its gorgeous design. The durable leather protects your Pencil while it's in a laptop bag or pocket, while adding an air of sophistication and elegance.

You can get yours for $29 in saddle brown, taupe, midnight blue, or black.

Fintie sleeve

Fintie's case is Amazon's number 1 best seller. It's made from "vegan" leather and features a great-looking strap enclosure and an elastic strap that you can wrap around a notebook or your iPad Pro itself.

At the bottom of the sleeve is a little slot for the USB adapter, which is held in place by fabric-covered elastic. Starting around $6, there are 23 color options to choose from, including some pretty funky patterns and designs.

MoKo sleeve

MoKo's sleeve is similar to Fintie's in that it's a PU leather sleeve, but this one features a snap closure with that handy elastic band around the back, which is perfect for holding your Pencil in place while carrying around your iPad Pro.

There are 12 really pretty color options and patterns, with pricing starting around $6.

HDE hard shell case

The HDE hard shell is for folks who need or want a little more than just an Apple Pencil sleeve. This zipper pouch has a size with thick elastics to hold your Pencil in place, and the other side has a mesh pocket for earbuds and an elastic slot for a cable or any other small item you need to carry.

The soft lining protects your items from scratches and that hard outer shell makes this case perfect for carrying in backpacks or purses. Pricing starts at $9, and you have your choice of seafoam green, black, or a purpley version with a lovely flower design.

MoKo case

This second hit from MoKo is a PU leather zippered pouch, which features an elastic slot for your Pencil and two other slots — one for an SD card or maybe a wrapped up cable and another for a microSD card or a SIM card. The pleather is water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about carrying this around with your water bottle in the same bag.

There are 14 colors and designs to choose from, including a really cool globe design — the perfect gift for any traveler. Pick any option for just $8.

WaterField Designs leather sleeve

If you're looking for a genuine leather sleeve that's a little more substantial, then check out this sleeve from WaterField Designs, which features a gorgeous and sophisticated aged leather look, with a simple slot closure.

The inside is lined with WaterField's "Ultrasuede" liner, which will protect your Apple Pencil from scratches, and there's a clip on the outside, so you can secure it to a belt, a strap, or a pocket in your bag or notebook. Grab yours for $29.

And if you'd prefer something a little less 1980s, there's also the Atelier Gear Case, which allows you to store the Pencil and a few charging cables.

How do you store your Pencil?

Do you use a case or do you just let your Pencil roam free in your bag, pocket, or notebook? If you have a case, which one? Sound off in the comments below.

Updated May 2018: Added the stylish and ultra-functional Belkin carrying case/stand and the Zugu adhesive pocket.

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