Best Cases for Beats Solo3 Headphones iMore 2019

Having a pair of Beats Solo3s is awesome, but keeping them protected from the outside world and while your travel from point A to point B is even more awesome. Here are the best cases available for the Beats Solo 3!

Shock-proof and protective: Co2Crea Hard Travel Case

If you're looking for a highly rated, affordable, and protective case to store your Beats Solo3 headphones, then we recommend taking a peek at the Co2Crea Hard Travel Case. This shockproof, dustproof, and water-resistant case keeps your headphones safe while you're traveling or even if you pop them in your bag. The case comes with an additional storage pocket for extra cords and wires, too.

$10 at Amazon

Snug as a bug: LTGEM EVA Hard Case

Even though this case is technically a hard case, the soft inside padding of the LTGEM EVA makes it the perfect companion for your Beats Solo3 headphones. The LTGEM EVA Hard Case is a semi-waterproof but shockproof case that protects and perfectly fits your Beats like a glove. An inner mesh pocket makes storing other accessories effortless, while the 360-degree zipper allows for easy access to your headphones.

$12 at Amazon

Stylish and shielding: Comecase Hard Travel Carrying Card

Sometimes you want a case that makes as much as a statement as your beautiful Beats Solo3 headphones, so take a peek at the LTGEM EVA Hard Case if that's the case. The LTGEM EVA Hard Case aims to protect your headphones from drops, falls, scratches, and splashes, while its beautiful outer rose gold shell is both splashproof and shockproof. The case comes with a removable hand strap and an inner mesh pocket for additional storage.

$10 at Amazon

Charge, protect n' go: Smatree Charging Case

Protect your headphones while charging them on the go all thanks to the Smatree Charging Case! This portable pristine power bank gives you up to eight charges for your Beats Solo3 headphones while keeping them safe from scratches and dirt. The Smatree Charging Case comes with mesh pockets on the inside, while the outside is made from a high-quality PU leather. Oh, and if anything goes wrong, you have a 3-year warranty with this case. Yay!

$29 at Amazon

Safety first: CASEBUDi Sturdy Hard Shell Carrying Case

Looking for a durable, simple, rugged case (with just a pop of neon pink)? Then why not take a gander at the CASEBUDi Sturdy Hard Shell Carrying Case? This case is designed to really protect your headphones thanks to a shockproof core material that's 50 percent thicker than most other cases. The nylon exterior is both easy to clean and durable, while the inside has an adjustable velcro pouch for additional storage.

$20 at Amazon

Hard shell and practic-ell: Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case

Not only is this case amazing because of its durability and affordability, but the Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case has quite the awesome color selection! This particular hard shell case protects your Beats Solo 3 headphones from bumps and falls while still providing a simple, stylish exterior. The Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case comes in eight different colors, including black, teal, pink, red, silver, navy, gold, and rose gold.

$10 at Amazon

Storage meets protection: Linkidea Hard Carrying Case

Maybe you want a case that's protective, but maybe you also want a case with awesome storage. Why settle for one or the other when the Linkidea Hard Carrying Case exists? This crush-resistant, anti-shock, and water-resistant case is a fantastic tool for keeping your Beats Solo3 headphones safe from the outside world. Meanwhile, the inside of the case provides ample storage for wires and cords. You can pick up the Linkidea Hard Carrying Case in five different colors, too.

$16 at Amazon

With all these options for cases available, it's hard to pick the perfect one. Honestly, we're pretty enamored with the Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case because of its color options (if only it came in an iMore yellow…) and super affordable price tag, but everyone is different, right? Good luck, and happy shopping!

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