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At this 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we saw the future of technology and saw first-hand what's in store for us this year and beyond. Every year, things get even better thanks to advancements and innovations that these companies develop. After exploring every inch of the miles-and-miles of exhibitor floors of CES, we've chosen six winners of our annual CES awards based on innovation and consumer friendliness.

Here are the six new products announced or launched at CES that wowed us and won the Best of CES award this year.

Best of CES 2020

Best iPad accessory

Brydge Pro+ Keyboard

Brydge Pro+

The first ever keyboard and trackpad combo for iPad to market.

Ever since Apple announced pointer device support for iPadOS 13, companies have been scrambling to make dedicated mouse and trackpad accessories for the iPad. Brydge launched the Pro+ just ahead of CES and we think it makes the best use of space for convenience and productivity for iPad users.

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Best Health tech advancement

Withings ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch

Advancing our understanding of sleep apnea.

Withings' next line of luxury hybrid smart watches comes with one specific sensor that we think makes it the next most important wearable to come. It's not just a sleep tracker. it's a blood oxygen level sensor that tracks when you have dips in blood oxygen and lets you know whether you should consult your doctor about potential sleep apnea.

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Best use of HomeKit

Eve Cam next to an iPhone on a white background

Eve Cam

Keep track of your home without worrying about who else might be, too.

Apple announced support for HomeKit Secure Video during CES in 2019, but there have been very few companies to actually follow through with their promise to support it. Eve Systems launched the Eve Cam indoor security camera at this year's CES and it promises to protect your data using secure on-device motion sensing and iCloud compatibility. We've been waiting all year for this.

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Best iPhone accessory

PopPower Home Wireless Charger


You can finally wirelessly charge your phone with your PopSocket on.

PopSockets might be considered a phenomenon. They are so ubiquitous that practically everyone knows about them. What do we hate about PopSockets? The fact that we can't wirelessly charge our phones with them on. That all changes this year with the PopPower, which is a charging pad with a dip in the center to allow room for your PopSocket. It's so popular that it's already sold out.

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Best in Fitness

Bowflex C6

Bowflex C6 Indoor Cycling Bike

It works with everything!

Gone are the days of exclusive software that can only be used with specific hardware. With Bowflex's new C6, you can share your indoor cycle training with different apps, like Strava, Zwift, Tacx, and more. It's also a nice, compact indoor bike. Great for small spaces.

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Best Mac accessory


Linedock for 15/16-inch MacBook Pro

Multi-port flexibility with 2TB of storage.

Linedock has updated its line of Mac docking stations to be compatible with the 16-inch MacBook Pro (it also works with the 15-inch model). With it, you'll get three additional USB-C ports, two HDMI ports, two UHS-II slots, and three USB-A ports. On top of all that, it's got a 2TB SSD storage drive built in (you can upgrade to even more).

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Bottom line

With so many new products revealed at CES 2020, it's difficult to choose the cream of the crop, but these six products rose to the top. We're happy to award them our top spot and can't wait to see what they'll do for us in 2020.

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