Best Charging Stands for Fitbit Alta HR iMore 2021

The best charging stand is worth investing in for your Fitbit Alta HR. We love the Fitbit Alta HR because it's one of the more stylish activity trackers out there with a slim profile and even a continuous heart rate monitor. But Fitbit chargers can be pretty finicky, so there's always going to be better alternatives out there. We've rounded up some of the best stands that will charge your Alta HR while looking great.

Fitbit Alta Hr Awinner Charging Dock

Specially designed: Awinner Fitbit Alta HR Charging Dock

Staff Pick

This is designed primarily to fit the Fitbit Alta and Alta HR. It's made of high-quality, sturdy, PC plastics and has a non-slip base to hold holds your smartwatch safely. This portable stand provides a comfortable viewing angle of 75 degrees, perfect for bedside tables. This has a one-meter (approximately three-foot) long USB cable.

$9 at Amazon
Chofit Charger Compatible Fitbit Alta Hr

Circular solution: Chofit Charger Compatible with Fitbit Alta HR Band

This is a two-in-one solution that offers you a USB charger for your Fitbit Alta HR and a handy stand for your cellphone. You simply need to plug this stand into a USB port then place your smartwatch in the custom-designed stand. This charger cradle also features a reset button built into the base.

$12 at Amazon
Musmu Charger Stand Fitbit Alta Hr

Docking station: Musmu Charger Stand Compatible for Fitbit Alta HR

Another option that is specially designed for the Fitbit Alta HR. It is a compact docking station that you sit your smartwatch on while it charges via the bundled US cable. It holds your watch at a viewing-friendly 75-degree angle. This charging stand has a built-in protector chip, which means it stops your watch from overcharging.

$9 at Amazon
Fitbit Alta HR Charging Solution

Longer cables: Rovtop Fitbit Alta HR 3.3-Foot Charging Cable 2-Pack

If you have a DIY setup where you could place your Fitbit Alta HR somewhere while it charges, but you need a longer charging cable, then you should pick these up. The cables are over three feet long, so there should be enough to go around. The cradle itself has a button that quickly resets your Alta HR if needed.

$8 at Amazon

Stands that deliver

The Fitbit Alta HR is a great activity tracker, and these stands help you show it off and charge at the same time stylishly. Our overall staff pick is the Awinner Fitbit Alta HR Charging Dock as it's specifically designed for the Fitbit Alta HR to dock perfectly in it.

If you already have a special place for your Fitbit Alta HR to sit while it charges, then you might want to consider the Rovtop Fitbit Alta HR 3.3-Foot Charging Cable 2-Pack. This gives you three foot of cable to play with as you charge your smartwatch.

Anyone looking for a charger that doubles as a phone stand should look at the Chofit Charger Compatible with Fitbit Alta HR Band. This charges your Fitbit Alta HR at the top of the loop, while your phone can sit pretty on the base.

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