Best charging stands for Fitbit Alta HR iMore 2019

We love the Fitbit Alta HR, because it's one of the more stylish activity trackers out there with a slim profile and even a continuous heart rate monitor. But Fitbit chargers can be pretty finicky, so there's always going to be better alternatives out there. We've rounded up some of the best stands that will charge your Alta HR while looking great!

Smart charging: GOOQ Fitbit Alta HR Charging Cord Cradle Stand

This charging stand acts as a replacement for your existing charger. It's a stand that fits the Alta HR perfectly (not compatible with regular Alta) in the cradle, and it charges your Alta HR immediately. There's also a button that can be pressed to display the charging level, and you can click it three times to reset the Alta HR if needed.

$12 at Amazon

Charge your phone too: Hometom Fitbit Alta HR Charging Cradle Dock

This charging stand has a cradle at the top specifically for your Fitbit Alta HR, which snaps into place automatically without effort. The bottom of this stand can be used to hold your smartphone in landscape position, so you can charge that as well while watching videos.

$10 at Amazon

Standard stand: Fitian Fitbit Alta HR Charging Stand

This is similar to the GOOQ stand but for a few dollars less. The cradle at the top is designed to fit with the Alta HR only, and your band straps hang off of the sides. The button on the base of the stand shows the charging level, and can also be clicked three times to do a reset.

$10 at Amazon

Full circle: Rovtop Black Fitbit Alta HR Charger Stand

The Rovtop charging stand for Fitbit Alta HR is a cradle on top of a circular-designed base, and it's specially designed to fit the Alta HR. The bottom of the base has an anti-slip rubber coating so it won't move when you place your Fitbit Alta HR in to charge. A button at the bottom displays your charging level and you can also press three times to reset.

$19 at Amazon

Longer cables: Rovtop Fitbit Alta HR 3.3 foot Charging Cable 2-pack

If you have a DIY setup where you could place your Fitbit Alta HR somewhere while it charges, but you just need a longer charging cable, then you should pick these up. The cables are over three feet long, so there should be enough to go around. The cradle itself has a button that quickly resets your Alta HR if needed.

$8 at Amazon

Elegant solution: Xiemen Fitbit Alta HR Charging Cradle Dock

Xiemen's charging cradle stand is similar to the other ones that we've just mentioned. Your Alta HR sits at the top in the perfectly-fitting cradle, and a button on the base lets you see the charging level. Pressing it three times will reset it when needed. It's a great stand that lets you freely charge your Alta HR without it dangling at the end of a wire.

$10 at Amazon

The Fitbit Alta HR is a great activity tracker, and these stands help you show it off and charge at the same time in a stylish way. Our personal favorite is the Hometom Charging Cradle Dock, just because we can also use the base as a stand for our phone, with the option to charge it at the same time.

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