Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses iMore 2020

If you spend a lot of time looking at your computer screen and other electronic screens at night, you may have noticed you have trouble falling asleep. While it's best to avoid using your computer for a couple of hours before bed each night, that's not always feasible. Night Shift mode on your computer can help by reducing blue light in the evening hours. Another way to reduce the blue light that makes its way to your eyes is by wearing glasses with a blue light filter. Here are some great options.

Add magnification: LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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These come in your choice of 15 different levels of magnification. Choose anywhere from 0.00 (no magnification) up to +4.00. You can choose from a variety of colors as well.

From $17 at Amazon

Wayfarer style: GYsnail Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These classic Wayfarer-style glasses look cool while blocking blue light. Get your geek chic on here for less. Choose clear or yellow-tinted lenses.

From $14 at Amazon

Stylish and simple: ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This straightforward pair of glasses with tortoiseshell frames and clear lenses is an appealing solution for people who don't wear prescription glasses.

$22 at Amazon

Add to any prescription: Blokz by Zenni Optical

Add a blue-blocking filter to any prescription lens. Choose a frame, input your prescription, and be sure to choose Blokz at checkout.

$17 plus the price of glasses at Zenni

Clip on to glasses: Klim Blue Light Blocking Clip On

If you already have glasses and want to add a blue light blocker, choose the clip-on style shown here or large glasses that fit over regular glasses.

From $35 at Amazon

Magnification option: The Health Lists Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These amber-tinted glasses come in three different styles and eight different levels of magnification. Choose from 0.00 (no magnification) up to +2.00.

From $40 at Amazon

Wear over other glasses: Aspectus Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you wear glasses all of the time, and you like the amber-tinted style, consider Aspectus. They are designed to fit over the glasses you already own.

$20 at Amazon

Cute and clear: Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses

Choose from many colors and styles, including blue-green ombré shown here. The lenses are totally clear for those that don't want a colored tint.

From $16 at Amazon

UV filter too: Totallee Blue Light Filtering Glasses

In addition to blocking blue light, these glasses also block UV light. If you work outdoors or near a window, this is an excellent feature. Choose from black or clear frames.

$45 at Totallee

Which one should you choose?

Which glasses you choose really comes down to personal preference. Whether you want blue-blocking lenses built into your normal glasses, lenses to fit over your normal glasses, or you don't even wear glasses, you'll find something here that fits. You can also decide if you prefer a yellow tint, an amber tint, or no tint at all. I'd go for the LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses I prefer a clear lens, and I like that there is such a wide range of frame style options here. Select from 16 different standard magnification options ranging from +0.25 up to +4.00, or you can customize your glasses for an extra fee.

If price is the biggest factor, I'd go for the simple and stylish GYsnail Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Wayfarer-style classes have been popular as many years back as I can remember, and I don't see them going away anytime soon. You can order them with a clear lens or with a yellow tint if you prefer. These glasses come with a case, microfiber cleaning cloth, blue light test kit, mini screwdriver, and a lifetime warranty.

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