Best Cordless Electric Snow Blowers iMore 2020

Snow can be fun, but at a certain point, it can become an annoyance and even unsafe. Clearing a walking path as well as a place to get your vehicle in and out from your home can be difficult — and time-consuming with just a shovel. This is where a reliable snowblower comes in handy, and even more so a cordless electric unit. Because the last you thing you want to deal with when it's freezing cold is fighting to get a gas-powered machine going, here are some of the best battery-powered snow blowers out there to help get rid of the snow as quick a possible so you can enjoy a nice warm cup of cocoa sooner.

Best overall: Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB

Staff pick

The Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB is an electric snow blower with some tricks up its sleeve (er, auger?). The best part is that part about this machine is the along with the 40-volt 4 Ah battery, there's flexibility also to run the snowblower with an extension cord. Aside from the dual-rubber tipped steel blade for throwing up to 500 lbs of snow per minute while cutting a path 18 inches wide and 8 inches deeps, it's also going to shoot it where you choose from the directional chute 20 feet away.

$252 at Amazon

Runner up: GreenWorks 80V 2600402 Pro

While you the this GreenWorks snowblower, may not have the added ability to be powered with an extension cord. It is powered by an 80V lithium-ion battery. Giving you a 20-inch path up to 10 inches deep is the high-torque brushless motor chucking that snow 20-feet from the adjustable chute. The dual-LED headlights might come in handy, clearing snow in the early morning hours.

$348 at Amazon

Upgrade pick: Snow Joe iON100V-21SB

Snow Joe's iON100V-21SB blower can get you a 21-inch wide clearing up to 12 inches deep while throwing snow nearly 30 feet away out of the adjustable chute. You will get up to 30 minutes of run-time from the 100-volt, 5 Ah battery powering a brushless 2800 W motor churning the dual-blade paddle auger. There are even two LED headlights when you want to throw snow at night.

$778 at Amazon

Budget pick: Snow Joe iON15SB-LT

If you a looking for a push-style snow blower on a budget and aren't trying to clear a football field worth of snow, then check out the Snow Joe iON15SB-LT. You'll get a 15-inch wide by 8 inches deep path with the 40V battery that can run for up to 30 minutes. It even comes with a 180-degree adjustable chute to toss the snow from you nearly 20 feet away.

$226 at Amazon

Ergonomic handle: PowerSmart DB2401

The PowerSmart blower has an ergonomically shaped handle for easy pushing and making it easier to hold the throttle down while you battle the white stuff. This one has an 18-inch clearing width and can handle snow up to 11 inches high. It throws snow up to 30 feet and has a rust-resistant exterior for those particularly mucky winters.

$291 at Amazon

Great ecosystem: GreenWorks 40V 26272

Similarly to the GreenWorks 80V, 2600402 Pro mentioned before, this GreenWorks snow blower has the same great features at a slightly lower price and with a touch less power. Powered by a 40-volt battery instead of 80V, you still get a reasonable run-time, and a 20-inch cleared path, though only at 8 inches deep. Another bonus of GreenWorks battery-powered products is that they offer 50+ tools that can use the same 40V battery and 20+ for the 80V.

$329 at Amazon

Best cordless shovel: Earthwise SN74016

If you are working with snow that is less dense and more like powder, then an electric snow shovel may be just what you need. The Earthwise SN74016 runs off a 40V battery and can clear a path up to 8-inches deep and 16-inches wide. While being lighter weight than the more traditional snow blowers, it can still toss the snow up to 30-feet away out of the directional discharge gate.

$185 at Amazon

Combat the cold

It's said that having the right tool for the job can make any job enjoyable; okay, maybe not enjoyable, but definitely easier. If you live somewhere where a moderate amount of snowfalls in the winter, then a cordless snow blower is an excellent solution to expensive gas models. Not only will an electric model start quickly and require minimal maintenance over its gas counterpart, but electric versions are also better for the environment. The Snow Joe iON18SB-HYB is the unit that should heavily get your consideration if your winters typically consist of a little more than a dusting. Aside from the high volume of snow, this machine can move. Its flexibility in power source via battery or cord makes it ready to go no matter what.

However, if you a regularly getting enough snow that you have considered building large forts with it, then you might want to look at the Snow Joe iON100V-21SB. This beast moves over a half-ton of snow per minute, and over 16 tons per charge of its 100V battery. On the flip-side, if all you are looking to do is make shoveling your periodic light snow a bit easier, then the Earthwise SN74016 power shovel might be for you. It's not going to clear the neighborhood, but it sure will make getting your walking paths usable again. Regardless of what your annual snowfall looks like, one of these options is likely to be the tool for the job.

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