If you live somewhere where it snows a lot, then you know that a good shoveling can take hours once it really comes down. A lot of us have used gas-powered snow blowers in the past, but if you're worried about the environment, don't need all that power, or don't get that much snow, then have a look at these battery-powered options.

Our pick

EGO cordless snow blower

This 21-inch snow blower from EGO is one of the absolute best money can buy. It throws snow up to 35 feet, and it comes with two 5Ah batteries and a charger. It's made of steel and composite construction, designed to withstand the elements, and it features variable-speed auger control, two headlights for blowing at night, and a 5-year warranty.

$599 at Home Depot

Upgrade pick

Snow Joe ION8024

Snow Joe's blower has a 24-inch clearing width and comes with two 6Ah batteries and a charger. Each battery can run for up to 30 minutes, and for nighttime snow removal, there's a light-up push-button display, as well as two LED headlights. There's a four-speed drive system, offering more clearing power than competitor models. If you get lots of snow, this is the blower you want.

$965 at Amazon

Budget pick

Greenworks Digi-Pro GMAX

Greenworks' 20-inch blower is perfect for you if price is your biggest motivator. For under $250, you get a snow blower with a 40V battery that throws snow up to 20 feet. You can use that same 40V battery in Greenworks' other power tools that use that same one, too! The Digi-Pro has dual LEDs for nighttime snow clearing and a 190-degree rotating chute.

$222 at Home Depot

Also great

Snow Joe ION18SB

This Snow Joe blower has a 40V battery, which is half the power of the other Snow Joe blower on this list, but this one's also a third of the price. This one can run for up to 50 minutes at a time, is lightweight (32 pounds), and has the capacity to move up to 500 pounds of snow per minute with its 18-inch clearing width.

$283 at Amazon

Ergonomic handle

PowerSmart cordless snow blower

The PowerSmart blower has an ergonomically shaped handle for easy pushing and making it easier to hold the throttle down while you battle the white stuff. This one has an 18-inch clearing width and can handle snow up to 11 inches high. It throws snow up to 30 feet and has a rust-resistant exterior for those particularly mucky winters.

$264 at Home Depot

Great ecosystem

Ryobi cordless snow blower

I love Ryobi's suite of tools, and its 40V snow blower is great, with a battery that can be used in other Ryobi tools for full home and garden care. This snow blower has a 20-inch clearing width and throws snow up to 25 feet, with a 180-degree rotating chute and LED highlights. Ryobi provides a 5-year warranty.

$349 at Home Depot

If you live somewhere where a moderate amount of snow falls in the winter, then a cordless snow blower is a great solution to expensive gas models. For our money, the EGO cordless snow blower is an affordable and powerful option. If your winters are a little more Canadian, then consider investing in Snow Joe's powerhouse 80V model.

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