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When you first buy a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air 2, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of Cricut tools, materials, and other products you'll need to start creating. However, you don't need to buy everything at once. My suggestion is to choose a few simple designs to start and buy only what you need for those projects. Here are the best Cricut accessories, especially if you're fairly new to the crafting machine.

Cricut Basic Tool Set Core Colors Accessories Render Cropped

Essential tools: Cricut Basic Tool Set

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Even if you don't buy anything else on this list, consider this basic toolset. Until you try weeding vinyl, you don't know how badly you need a weeding tool. A scraper helps you clean off a sticky mat in seconds. You might well get the whole set; it works out a lot cheaper than buying each tool on its own.

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Sticky mats: Cricut StandardGrip Mat

Your machine comes with a mat or two, but you can never have too many mats. You need them for every single project you'll do. The "middle sticky" StandardGrip Mat is the one I use the most, and it doesn't come with the Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2. You get two in this package; you'll find the stickiness wears out over time, so you'll be glad to have two.

Cricut Scoring Stylus Render Cropped

For paper crafters: Cricut Scoring Stylus

If you're working with paper or cardstock, you'll find yourself needing a scoring stylus at some point. This is the tool that helps you get a perfect crease for making envelopes, cards, boxes, giant flowers, and more. If you're not going to work with paper, you could skip this one.

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Precision iron: Cricut Easy Press 2

Of course, you can just use an ordinary iron. But for the most precise application of HTV (Heat-Transfer Vinyl used for iron-on projects) and Infusible Ink, the Easy Press 2 is what you need. You set it for the exact temperature and time that you need for the best result every time. It comes in different sizes, but the 9-by-9-inch size listed here is a nice middle size.

Colorbok Smooth Cardstock Paper Pad Render Cropped

Inexpensive material: Colorbok Smooth Cardstock

You're bound to make some mistakes starting out, so cardstock is a great place to experiment. It's inexpensive and easy to find in a huge variety of colors and weights. Try making some simple cards, flowers with this colorful cardstock.

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Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set 30 Pack Render Cropped

Write in style: Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

One of the very cool things the Cricut does is write in fonts of your choice. You'll need Cricut pens that clamp right into the machine. If you use them a lot, you'll enjoy the color variety and save money in the long run by buying the big package.

Cricut Portable Trimmer 12 Inch

Cut in a straight line: Cricut Portable Trimmer

You might have a talent for cutting in a straight line with scissors, but I do not. Take the stress out of cutting your materials to your precise measurements with a trimmer like this one.

Cricut Premium Vinyl Removeable 12 By 12 Variety Sampler Render Cropped

For decals: Cricut Premium Vinyl - Removable

When you're getting started making decals, it's not a bad idea to start with removable vinyl if you change your mind about its placement. Don't worry; it doesn't fall off easily on its own. You can get a roll of single-color vinyl or a sampler pack with sheets of multiple colors.

Cricut Everyday Iron On Render Cropped

For apparel and more: Cricut Everyday Iron-on

Many people buy a Cricut primarily to make iron-on t-shirts, pillows, and more. For that, you'll need HTV (High-Temperature Vinyl). There are tons of options out there, but Cricut's own Everyday Iron-on is a good place to start. You can buy a single color roll or a sample pack.

Cricut Transfer Tape Render Cropped

For flawless transfer: Cricut Transfer Tape

If you're working with any kind of vinyl, you'll need transfer tape to get your vinyl design from the backing onto the blank of your choice correctly. This isn't an exciting item, but it's an absolute must-have.

Cricut Infusible In Transfer Sheets Render Cropped

Permanent infusion: Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

Infusible Ink is unique to Cricut, and it's one of my favorite materials to work with. Once you iron your design onto your fabric, it's permanently infused. It can't peel off or deteriorate.

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Essential software: Cricut Design Space

The Cricut machines are so easy to use, with a minimum of controls, because you do most of the work in Cricut's software, Design Space. Download the app on your iPhone, iPad, and/or your Mac.

The best Cricut accessories from the start

You'll definitely need some tools, and the Cricut Basic Tool Set is a great place to start. The StandardGrip Mat is also a must-have. And you must download Design Space onto your Mac, or at least your iPad and/or iPhone. You literally cannot do anything with your Cricut machine without Design Space.

Where you go from there really depends on the kinds of projects you wish to do: paper/cardstock, decal vinyl, iron-on vinyl, or Infusible Ink. I'd recommend starting small and mastering a few projects before you buy more tools and supplies, but this list will hopefully get you off to a good start!

I didn't forget about the Cricut Joy. The list above is aimed at Cricut Maker and Explore Air 2 owners, but the Cricut Joy is a different size, and most of the supplies are not interchangeable. If you're looking for the best accessories for the Cricut Joy, we've got you covered there with a separate list.

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