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I've had a lot of fun doing Infusible Ink projects with my Cricut Joy and my Cricut Explore Air 2. You iron Infusible Ink onto your blanks, like iron-on vinyl, only the ink literally infuses with your blank so it will never peel or flake off. It's fantastic technology, but you are limited in terms of what kinds of blanks you can use. Here are some of the best Cricut Infusible Ink blanks you can buy.

Cricut Infusible Ink Blank t-shirt

Wear your design: Cricut T-Shirt Blank

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Some of my favorite Cricut projects have been T-shirts I've made of my own design. These simple blank T-shirts from Cricut can be used for iron-on or Infusible Ink projects. Choose from a variety of sizes from infant through adult.

Sublivie Unisex Polyester Crew Neck Short Sleeve Sublimation T Shirt Render Cropped

Another T-shirt option: Sublivie Unisex 100% Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt

Any fabric you use with Infusible Ink must be light-colored and at least 60% polyester to get a good result. This lightweight, moisture-wicking white T-shirt is 100% polyester.

Cricut Cosmetic Bag Blanks Render Cropped

Convenient little bags: Cricut Cosmetic Bag Blanks (3 ct)

After you customize these white canvas bags, you can use them for cosmetics, pencils, and other small items. The package contains two 9-by-6.1-inch bags and one 9.6-by-7.5-inch bag.

$7 at Cricut
Cricut Tote Bag Blank Render Cropped

Carry all: Cricut Tote Bag Blank

Why carry an ordinary tote bag when you can carry one you've designed yourself? This bag is formulated specifically for Infusible Ink for excellent results every time. It comes in different two sizes.

Ms Wgo Sublimation Mouse Pad Render Cropped

For your desk: MS WGO Sublimation Mouse Pad

Personalize your mouse pad with your Cricut Infusible Ink design. You'll get 10 mousepads in this package, so you can make some as gifts, too.

$13 at Amazon
Cricut Coaster Blank

Table saver: Cricut Coaster Blanks

Speaking of Infusible Ink, did you know that you can use it on ceramic, not just fabric? These coasters from Cricut are perfect for adding some personality to your home decor. Choose round or square coasters.

Nc Hosiery Blank White Sublimation Socks Render Cropped

Socks for you: NC Hosiery Blank White Sublimation Socks

You get six pairs of white unisex tube socks that fit teens and adults size 9-12. They are 95% polyester, perfect for your creative Infusible Ink designs.

$17 at Amazon
Ms Wgo 20 Sets Blank Sublimation Jigsaw Puzzle 120 Pieces Render Cropped

Boredom buster: MS WGO 20 Sets Blank Sublimation A4 Jigsaw Puzzle with 120 Pieces

Jigsaw puzzles are having a moment. Get 20 blank 120-piece jigsaw puzzles, ready for your design with your Cricut Infusible Ink. You'll never be bored again, at least, not for a long time.

$31 at Amazon
Cricut Infusible Ink Pillow Cover Blank Render Cropped

Personalized decor: Cricut Pillow Cover Blank

Give your couch or bed a custom look with this pillow sham blank. Personalize it with your family name or favorite saying. You can also create something that coordinates with your other decor.

$7 at Cricut
Zoeys Attic Sublimation Sequin Pillow Blank Render Cropped

Super fun pillow: Zoey's Attic Sublimation Sequin Pillow

Now, this is a fun product. Swipe the pillow to flip the sequins from white on one side to a fun color on the other. You iron your Infusible Ink design onto the white side; with a swipe of your hand, it will appear and disappear. Choose from various colors.

$14 at Amazon
Cricut Wine Bag Blank Render Cropped

You bring the wine: Cricut Wine Bag Blank

Just add wine for the perfect host/hostess gift: a personalized wine bag. Add a funny saying, a cute image, or the hosts' name to this sturdy canvas bag made for Infusible Ink.

$5 at Cricut
Justry Sublimation Blanks Iphone 12 Case Render Cropped

Personalize your iPhone: JUSTRY 10PCS Sublimation Blank iPhone Cases

This soft clear or black TPU case has a metal insert that can be removed and embellished with your Cricut Infusible Ink design. You get ten cases in a package, so make yourself a bunch to go with different outfits, or give them as gifts. Choose from the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12/12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max.

$27 at Amazon

Tips for finding the best Cricut Infusible Ink blanks

Infusible Ink differs from HTV (heat transfer vinyl)/iron-on vinyl in that it's infused into the material, rather than sitting on top. This has advantages and disadvantages. Infusible Ink is a permanent infusion, it will not crack, peel, or flake off as HTV can. However, you are limited in what blanks you can use. You're most likely to get the best results with Cricut's own specially marked "Infusible Ink" blanks, like their T-shirt, coasters, bags, and pillowcases. I'd recommend doing a few projects with Cricut blanks before trying third-party items.

You can indeed use third-party brands, but you'll need to choose your blanks carefully. Any fabric you use needs to be white or very light-colored and at least 60% polyester. When shopping for blanks, look for the term "sublimation blanks." If you choose a ceramic or metal item, it will also need to be flat so you can get at it with your iron or Cricut Easy Press.

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