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Vinyl cutting has become one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the maker space. With the right tools and a Cricut machine, like the Cricut Maker or Joy, you can create anything you can imagine and put it on T-shirts, windows, and just about anything else. With the right materials and a bundle of tools, you can upgrade your experience easily without breaking the bank. We've curated a list of our favorite tools just for you.

Cricut Tool Bundle

A bundle of goodies: Cricut Maker QuickSwap Tip

Staff Pick

When I think of Cricut tools, my first thought goes to the interchangeable heads. This bundle offers up three different tools at one low price that can be easily swapped out. I really like using the perforation cutter to make name tags and the embossing tool for creating a maker's mark on the leather. Having many tools gives you far more options, so it is worth having some in stock ready.

Wanateber 35 Blades

Staying sharp: 35-piece Cricut Replacement Blades

No one ever really replaces their blades as often as they should. I am sure that your craft knife's blade is blunt and needs replacing right now. This pack of 35 blades will help keep your Cricut cutting tools sharp and working amazingly well.

$11 at Amazon
Xinart Cutting Mats Cricut

Keep it together: Xinart Cutting Mat for Cricut

Cutting mats are an essential tool for working with a Cricut, but one false move and the adhesive can be ruined by stray glitter or dust. Fortunately, companies like Xinart make affordable replacements that work perfectly with the Cricut Maker and Air 2.

$12 at Amazon
Cricut Scoring Wheel Combo

Folding made easy: Cricut Scoring Wheel Combo Pack

Scoring wheels are incredibly helpful when you are working with cardstock or thick materials. They let you create the perfect fold, which allows you to make beautiful art like greeting cards and name tags. This set comes with two heads that give you the option to score a fold or score for beauty.

Hirally Combo Set

Everything you need: HIRALIY Weeding Tools for Vinyl Weeding

Although this set looks like a set of dentists' tools, the Hiraliy weeding tools are of excellent quality. It also comes with a neat bag to hold all the tools and three standard stick mats to fill out your Cricut tools in one go.

$19 at Amazon
Cricut Essential Tools

Official toolset: Cricut Tools & Trimmer Set

If you like to use Cricut branded tools instead of a third party, this set is a great place to fill out your collection. Not only does it come with a great set of weeding tools, but it also has a straight cutter for slicing your vinyl into the right size strips.

Carrying Bag Cricut Maker

Take it all with you: Carrying Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air and Maker

Whether you use this excellent carrying tote for traveling, or you use it to keep your Cricut Maker or Air 2 free from dust, this beautiful bag has plenty of space to fit everything you need. It even comes with a separate dust cover as well.

From $17 at Amazon

Tools for days

Now that you have your Cricut, it's time to stock up on the tools of the trade. A great starting point is the Cricut Maker QuickSwap Tip kit as it gives you a lot of new options for your Maker as soon as you buy them. Having the ability to emboss leather and cards is a great way to finish off your favorite projects. Spend some time making your own maker mark to emboss with these tools.

I also really like the carrying bag to keep all my tools in and for going to Cricut parties — yes, they are a thing! Having everything handy in one place is worth its weight in gold!

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