Best Cricut tools 2022

Cricut Maker Hero
Cricut Maker Hero (Image credit: iMore / James Bricknell)

Vinyl cutting has become one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the maker space. With the right tools and a Cricut machine, like the Cricut Maker or Joy, you can create anything you can imagine and put it on T-shirts, windows, and just about anything else. With the right materials and a bundle of tools, you can upgrade your experience easily without breaking the bank. We've curated a list of our favorite tools just for you.

Tools for days

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Now that you have your Cricut, it's time to stock up on the tools of the trade. A great starting point is the Cricut Maker QuickSwap Tip kit as it gives you a lot of new options for your Maker as soon as you buy them. Having the ability to emboss leather and cards is a great way to finish off your favorite projects. Spend some time making your own maker mark to emboss with these tools.

I also really like the carrying bag to keep all my tools in and for going to Cricut parties — yes, they are a thing! Having everything handy in one place is worth its weight in gold!

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