Best DJI Pocket 2 accessories 2022

Dji Pocket 2
Dji Pocket 2 (Image credit: iMore)

Our DJI Pocket 2 review found us singing the praises of this tiny action camera. With a wider field of view than the original DJI Osmo Pocket and an improved sensor, this is one of the best action cameras on the market today. It lacks nothing but will do more with a few accessories. Carry cases, mini controllers, and memory cards will boost the performance of your Pocket 2 and make your workflow smoother. What are the best DJI Pocket 2 accessories? Read on to find out.

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A few extras will help you do more with your videography. One of the best DJI Pocket 2 accessories is the Samsung PRO Endurance 64GB microSD card. It's cheap, gives you plenty of room to work with, and stands up challenging weather. Note: if you picked up one of our recommended best microSD cards for the DJI Osmo Pocket, the previous generation action cam from DJI, it's compatible with your Pocket 2.

If you film in bright daylight, you've probably had your highlights blown out a time or two. You can fix that problem and add a protective coating to your lens with Freewell All Day ND Filters. If you need a place to keep your Pocket 2 safe from dust at home or bumps and bangs while traveling, grab the Smatree Hard Carrying Case. It fits the DJI Pocket 2 and accessories and has a hand and shoulder strap.

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