Best drone accessories 2022

Endur Backpack Hero
Endur Backpack Hero (Image credit: Endurax)

We love our drones. But, of course, it's always good to have some best drone accessories to pair with them. Piloting your own drone puts the world in a new perspective. Most drone kits come with the basics for operating and charging your aircraft, but you can up your experience and skills with a few additionals. What drone essentials are you missing? Take a gander at our list of the best drone accessories of the year.

Our favorite drone accessories

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Drone accessories up your skill game faster and makes everything a little easier. At the top of our list of favorites is the Hoodman HDLP3 Landing Pad. It's big enough for large drones or two small aircraft, doesn't require stakes, and folds down small enough to carry anywhere.

Your enjoyment of flying is limited to your battery's power, and that's why we always carry at least two spares. We love the intelligent battery from DJI for the Mavic Air 2. It provides 34 minutes of flight time while protecting itself against overcharging, low temps, and over-discharging. And don't forget to pack extra memory cards. You'll never run out of room with the fast SanDisk Extreme 64GB. It writes at 90MB/s, so it's perfect for fast stills and extended video.

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