Don't Like Apple's EarPods? Here Are the Best Under-$50 Replacements!

Apple's EarPods come with every iPhone and iPod, but they aren't for everyone. Luckily there are a wide variety of in-ear headphones available that you can get instead. With different colors, styles, and materials, there's a lot to choose from. That doesn't mean you have to pay a lot, though. Here are our favorite EarPod replacements for under $50!

NOTE: If you have an iPhone 7 or later you will need the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to use most of these with your iPhone.

Anker SoundBuds Slim

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If you hate the idea of using the Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter but are still looking for a pair of headphones to replace your EarPods, the Anker SoundBuds Slim are worth a look.

With IPX4 water resistance, the SoundBuds Slim are perfect for working out as they are able to withstand your sweat without any damage. They function through Bluetooth and can last up to seven hours on a full charge, meaning you should be able to get through your daily commute and exercise routine without running out of juice.

We don't all have the same shape ears, so inside the box you'll receive four different size silicone earpads, as well as three different sizes of ear hooks, so you should be able to find the comfortable fit for you.

You can pick up a pair of Anker SoundBuds Slim for $26.

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Panasonic ErgoFit

Panasonic's ErgoFit earbuds have a double-angled design that is meant to stay in your ear even when you're super-active. They also come with earpads in three different sizes to make them as comfortable as possible, and a 3.6-foot cord that won't bind up on clothes or equipment.

Attached to the cord is an inline switch and microphone; no volume control, but you can pause music and answer calls. The L-shaped jack might not be compatible with all iPhone cases, though, so keep this in mind when choosing your headphones.

Two 9mm drivers deliver great sound from such a light set of headphones, and with five vibrant colors to choose from, you'll be able to listen while making a statement.

The Panasonic ErgoFit are the least expensive headphones included on our list — costing about $15 — so if the price is the most important feature for you, these are the earbuds to get.

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Sony Extra Bass

Sony Extra Bass

Sony's Extra Bass earbuds are on the big and heavy side. So, if you like to lie in bed and listen to music, they can be uncomfortable pressed against your ear. If that's not a deal-breaker, the 12mm drivers deliver amazing bass for earbud-style headphones.

There are three different sizes of earpads, meaning you'll be able to find a fit, no matter the size of your inner ear. You can also choose from three colors: black, red, or blue. The 3.9-foot cord gives you some extra freedom when plugged in as well, and it's designed to prevent tangles. An inline microphone and switch control calls and music, but there is no volume control.

If you like big bass, you can pick up a pair of Sony Extra Bass for aroudn $26.

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Harman Kardon AKG Y20U

Harman Kardon's Y20U earbuds offer a soft-touch matte finish that is resistant to scratching and overall wear. Two 8mm drivers deliver great sound in middle and upper ranges, but it's generally felt the bass is lacking.

There are three different sizes of earpads, to optimize your fit, but the L-shaped jack could be incompatible with some iPhone cases, so keep that in mind.

Available in three colors, grey, yellow, and teal, they feature an inline remote and microphone. No volume control is offered, but you'll be able to answer and end calls, as well as play and pause music.

If you'd like headphones that won't show much wear, consider the Harman Kardon AKG Y20U for $30.

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Audio Technica QuietPoint

Audio Technica QuietPoint earbuds are the only low-cost earbuds on our list to offer true noise cancellation. (Note that a single AAA battery is required to power the noise cancelling feature.) With great all-around sound and three different sizes of earpads included, you'll like find a fit that works best for you as well.

The inline remote on the 4.2-foot cord does not have a microphone but does have a clip to remove the weight of the earbuds from your ears.

If you like listening to music without noise in the background, the Audio Technica QuietPoint can be yours for $45.

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Symphonized NRG

The Symphonized NRG earbuds feature a natural wood housing that augments bass response and acoustic performance. The nylon cable won't easily tangle and is more durable than standard rubber cable. An inline microphone and remote give you the ability to play and pause music, as well as to receive and end calls.

For your convenience, the headphones come with three differently sized earpads. The jack on the 55-inch cord is at a slight angle, but should not be much of a problem for those of you with bulky cases.

If you'd like earbuds with the best overall sound and made of something other than plastic, the Symphonized NRG are only $25

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Sennheiser CX 300 II

Sennheiser's CX 300 II earbuds back up their durability claim with a two-year warranty. They stay in the ear well during physical activity and come with three sets of earpads to ensure you find a fit. The 3.9-foot cord is flat, foldable, and resistant to tangling, but does not include an inline remote or microphone.

For $35, Sennheiser's CX 300 II are available in silver or black, If you're constantly breaking your headphones, pick up the Sennheiser CX 300 II.

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Updated November 2017: Added the Anker Soundbuds Slim as a great wireless option and added the prices of each product in its description.

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