Best ECOVACS Robotic Vacuums iMore 2019

Ecovacs offers some of the best robot vacuums on the market at various price points. Some of these also serve as electronic mops for flat surfaces. When deciding on a cleaner to buy, look and compare features, then watch your dirt get swept away!

Latest features: Deebot 900/901

Staff favorite

Our favorite Ecovacs robot, available in black and white, offers intelligent mapping functionality at a great place. With both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, this vacuum provides virtual boundaries, scheduling, and focused cleaning. This model also includes two interchangeable suction inlets and knows the difference between flat surfaces and carpet.

$379 at Amazon

Also a mop: Deebot Ozmo 930

The well reviewed Deebot Ozmo 930 has all the great features of the Deebot 900/901 plus mopping capabilities. The OZMO 930 is the first Deebot to include Adaptive Floor Sensing technology. With this tool, the robot's sensors can detect when it's on a carpet and adjust the suction power appropriately. During the moping process, the machine can avoid carpets using the same technology.

$550 at Target

Budget selection: Deebot N79S

Featuring so-called Smart Motion and multi-cleaning models, the Deebot N79S is a budget robot ideally suited for small spaces. It includes anti-drop and anti-collision sensors for added protection.

$200 at Amazon

Dry and wet vac: Deebot Ozmo 610

Similar to the Ozmo 930, the Deebot Ozmo 610 vacuum/mop combination offers Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, app controls, and a high-efficiency filter. It doesn't offer e-maps or virtual boundaries like some of the newer robots, however.

$400 at Target

Low profile: Deebot 711

This robot vacuum offers a filter net, sponge, and high-efficiency filter. There's also an infrared anti-collision sensor, smart navigation, and a low-profile design measuring just 3.2-inches high.

$450 at Amazon

For larger areas: Deebot M80/81 Pro

Ideally suited for larger spaces, the Deebot M80 Pro features a large dustbin and a vacuum/mop combination. The lower price means no voice assistant integration.

$230 at Amazon

Mid-priced choice: Deebot 601

The Deebot 601 is a no-hassle vacuum that gets the job done using a filter net, sponge, and high-efficiency filter. A good buy that gets the job done.

$249 at Amazon

Hey, Alexa: Deebot R95

Finally, there's the Deebot R95 which has Amazon Alexa (but not Google Assistant) built-in. Offering both e-maps and virtual boundaries, this robot ships with a high-efficiency filter, interchangeable brush, and more.

$335 at Amazon

What do you want?

When looking for a robot vacuum for your home, understand that typically (but not always), the more you pay, the more options you'll receive. Some of those features, however, might be unnecessary for your situation.

For example, do you need a vacuum that also acts as a mop? Is having a voice assistant important? Does having a larger dirt bin matter? Are you willing to buy a model from last year that's much cheaper than the current models? The bottom line: Don't buy more than you need.

Our favorite vaccum, the Deebot 901, has been designed to satisfy most consumers. There's also budget solutions like the Deebot N79S and vacuums that also clean hardwood floors with water like the Deebot Osmo 610. The other ones mentioned above are also well received.

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