Best Electric Teapots iMore 2022

An electric teapot is a handy thing to have since you can boil water in five minutes or less without having to use your stovetop. There are other advantages as well, including an automatic shut-off feature for safety (which every electric teapot should have). Luckily, all of the options featured on this list have it. Some will have temperature controls as well, so you can set a precise temperature for your water. This comes in handy for coffee or high-end teas that require specific water temperatures. Here are some of the best electric teapots you can buy.

Yabano electric kettle

Coffee lovers pick: Yabano Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Staff Favorite

Set the temperature you want and monitor it in real-time. The Yabano Electric Gooseneck Kettle will keep the water at your ideal temperature for 30 minutes.

$50 at Amazon
Willow & Everett kettle

Gooseneck spout: Willow & Everett Gooseneck Kettle

If you're making coffee with the pour-over method, any coffee expert will tell you that a gooseneck spout is an absolute must. It gives you more control over the placement of the water to ensure even wetting of the grounds. This shiny stainless steel beauty holds one liter of water.

$42 at Amazon
AmazonBasics Electric Teapot

Bargain choice: AmazonBasics Electric Kettle

Amazon's own electric kettle has a 1.0-liter capacity and 1500 watts of power for a quick boil. Auto-shutoff means you can use it worry-free.

$22 at Amazon
Zeppoli Electric Kettle

Glass appeal: Zeppoli Electric Kettle

Bright LED lights indicate when your water is boiling and make this attractive glass option quite appealing. Filled to its 1.7-liter capacity, you'll have hot water to make several cups of tea in five to six minutes.

Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Electric Kettle

European design: Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Electric Kettle

This sophisticated kettle features borosilicate glass and a British STRIX thermostat, which shuts off the kettle 30 seconds after boiling. A blue LED light lets you know when your water is heating up.

$28 at Amazon
Megachef Electric Tea Kettle With Infuser

Tea Infuser: MegaChef Electric Tea Kettle

Make tea from loose tea leaves right inside this glass and stainless steel kettle using the included infuser. Auto shut-off keeps this kettle from boiling dry.

Comfee Electric Kettle

Pretty pastels: Comfee Electric Kettle

Not everyone loves glass, stainless steel, or black appliances. This 1.7-liter, 1500W electric teapot comes in some beautiful pastel colors.

$28 at Amazon
Odette Electric Kettle

Sporty stripes: Odette Electric Kettle

With 1.7-liter capacity and 1500W heating element, this cutie sports red stripes on its black exterior. It's one of the cheapest options on this list to boot.

$24 at Amazon
Cosori Electric Kettle

Sleek and black: Cosori Electric Kettle

Depending on your kitchen's decor, you may prefer an all-black look. This 1.8-liter 1500W option is black on the outside with a stainless steel interior. It also comes in other colors if black isn't your favorite.

Tea's on

If you're making pour-over coffee, a gooseneck spout is a must. For tea and other hot beverages, the type of spout isn't as important as it is for coffee. My personal recommendation is the Yabano Electric Gooseneck Kettle. It has the easy-to-control gooseneck spout needed for coffee, and it works beautifully for non-coffee beverages as well. The variable temperature control, real-time LCD temperature display, and stay-hot feature make this the best of the bunch for any purpose. It comes with a dual-layer stainless steel mesh coffee filter as well.

However, if you're not interested in making fancy pour-over coffee and just want hot water in a hurry, I'd recommend the bargain-priced, highly-rated AmazonBasics Electric Kettle. The cordless kettle design makes filling and pouring easy. A 30-inch power cord to the base gives you plenty of room to move it around. Any surface that contacts the water is BPA-free, and the filter is removable and washable. The water window lets you see how much is in the teapot while in use.

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