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While you don't need a wok to cook amazing Asian cuisine, having one of the best electric woks is super helpful. Woks distribute heat evenly and allow you to cook with less oil. Why go electric? If you like to cook complicated meals that require more burners than you have on your stovetop, an electric wok is a major convenience. Plus, if you're serving a meal buffet-style, you can keep the food warm in the electric wok. Our recommendation for an all-around great electric wok is the VonShef Electric Wok. Here are some of the best electric woks you can buy.

Best Overall: VonShef Electric Wok

VonShef Electric Wok best electric woksSource: VonShef

This large capacity 7.4-quart electric wok is one of the best electric woks to help you feed a crowd. The aluminum wok has an advanced non-stick coating, so you don't need a lot of oil when you stir fry. The coating also makes the wok easy to clean. The rotary dial has four heat settings: Warm (176 degrees Fahrenheit), Low (302 degrees Fahrenheit), Medium (374 degrees Fahrenheit), and High (446 degrees Fahrenheit).

Both the wok itself and the glass lid sport cool-touch silicone handles. The power cord is easily detachable, so you can bring the wok to the table without the cord getting in the way. Note that this wok is not completely rounded at the bottom; there is a flat area.


  • Large 7.4-quart capacity
  • Non-stick coating
  • Four heat settings
  • Cool-touch handles on wok and glass lid
  • Easily detachable power cord


  • Does have a flat area at the bottom

Best Overall

VonShef Electric Wok

Best for most

This large 7.4-quart capacity electric wok has four heat settings from 176 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Value: Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok best electric woksSource: Aroma

This large seven-quart capacity electric wok has a large domed lid that helps circulate the heat. The non-stick coating makes both cooking and cleanup a breeze. Avoid metal utensils to avoid damaging the coating. Hand wash it with soap and water.

The Aroma Housewares Electric Wok heats up quickly, and the continuous temperature control ranges from low to high for precise control. The base and handles remain cool while you cook. The bottom of this wok is flat, not rounded. It's one of the best electric woks you can get for the money.


  • Large seven-quart capacity
  • High domed lid
  • Continuous temperature control


  • Metal lid, can't see through it
  • Flat bottom

Best Value

Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok

Bargain priced

This well-priced seven-quart electric wok has continuous temperature control and a high domed lid.

Best Popular Name: Presto Stainless Steel Electric Wok

Presto 5900 Electric Wok best electric woksSource: Presto

Presto is a household name when it comes to small kitchen appliances, so it's no surprise that they would make one of the best electric woks. This 1500-watt electric wok is made of stainless steel with an aluminum-clad base for quick and even heating. The tempered glass lid has a stainless steel rim and handle. A wooden spatula is included with the wok. When it's time to clean up, just remove the heating element and pop the wok and the lid into the dishwasher.


  • 1500-watt heating element
  • Stainless steel with aluminum bottom for even heating
  • Wood spatula included
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Dishwasher-safe wok and lid


  • Some users report uneven heating

Best Popular Name

Presto Stainless Steel Electric Wok

Stainless steel

Made of stainless steel, aluminum, and glass, this wok can go in the dishwasher to clean up.

Best 4-in-1: MINGPINHUIUS Multifunction Electric Cooker

best electric woks MINGPINHUIUS Multifunction Electric CookerSource: Amazon

This 4-in-1 multifunctional 3.8-quart non-stick device is an electric cooker, skillet, wok, and hot pot in one. While it's not a traditional wok per se, it has a lot of uses. You can cook rice, fried noodles, stew, soup, steamed fish, and boiled eggs.

You can even fry french fries, or bake a cake in it. The flat bottom of the pan is evenly heated, and the lid is glass so you can see how your meal is progressing as it cooks. There are just two heating modes, fast (1000 watts) and slow (500 watts).


  • Many uses
  • Cooker, skillet, wok, and hot pot in one
  • Glass lid to keep an eye on your meal


  • Small 3.8-quart capacity
  • Only two temperature settings

Best 4-in-1

MINGPINHUIUS Multifunction Electric Cooker

Cute and useful

Go way beyond stir-fry with this multipurpose electric cooker.

Best Kit: NUWAVE MOSAIC Induction Wok

best electric woks NUWAVE MOSAIC Induction WokSource: NUWAVE

This carbon steel electric wok with tempered glass lid has precision temperature control from 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Induction coils heat the wok evenly while the base stays cool. It's part of a kit that contains all of the accessories you need to make a great meal.

You get a 90-recipe cookbook, stainless steel frying rack, two two-tier bamboo steamer trays with a lid, 25 perforated wax paper sheets for steaming, bamboo tongs, a bamboo skimmer for frying, a bamboo brush, and five sets of bamboo chopsticks.


  • Precision temperature control from 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Induction coils for even heating
  • Included kit has all the accessories you need


  • Pricey

Best Kit


Everything you need

This high-quality wok goes from 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a complete accessory kit.

Best Alternative: Maxi-Matic Heavy-Duty Electric Skillet

best electric woks Maxi-Matic Heavy-Duty Electric SkilletSource: Elite by Maxi-Matic

If you're looking for something like a wok, but a bit more rectangular and bigger, perhaps it's an electric skillet you want. Feed a crowd with this eight-quart skillet from Maxi-Matic. Sure, you can stir fry in this skillet, but its wide, flat bottom also allows you to make pancakes, casseroles, or grilled cheese. Control the temperature from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The tempered glass lid allows you to see what's cooking, and the non-stick raised honeycomb surface makes cooking and cleanup a breeze. Remove the temperature control unit, and the skillet and lid are dishwasher-safe.


  • Large eight-quart capacity
  • Non-stick surface
  • Tempered glass lid


  • Not actually a wok

Best Alternative

Maxi-Matic Heavy-Duty Electric Skillet

Wok alternative

When it's not quite a wok you want, this large electric skillet is an efficient way to feed a crowd.

Bottom line

There are plenty of electric wok options; which one you choose will depend on the specific size, accessories, and features you need. You'll also want to take your budget into account. The VonShef Electric Wok is one of the best electric woks; it's a nice all-around medium-priced choice. It's good-sized: 14 inches in diameter, and it holds up to 7.4 quarts of food. The aluminum wok has a non-stick coating and silicone handles that stay cool even when the wok is hot. The tempered glass lid allows you to watch your food as it cooks, and it has a stay-cool silicone handle as well.

Four temperature settings represent a wide range, from 176 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The power cord detaches easily, so you can take your wok to the table without a dangling cord. While you don't strictly need a wok to cook Asian food, it's a great tool with its even heat distribution over a wide area. Enjoy cooking healthier food with less oil and exploring Asian cuisine with your new wok!

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