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Best Film Cameras for Fans of Retro Photography 2020

Hero Mini
Hero Mini (Image credit: Kelly Sikkema)

Finding the best digital camera is on the front lines these days, but many still prefer using film. The best film cameras fit comfortably in hand and with your budget. Film photography requires you to step back, thinking about a shot, and frame it just right. After all, there's no delete button on a film camera. If you're one of the retro-cool photography buffs that still has a special place in their heart for film, check out this list of our favorite instant film cameras.

Develop your skills, have some fun

Digital cameras are the right tool for landscape and portrait photography, but instant film cameras win our hearts for spur of the moment photos. The best film cameras offer instant gratification in a tiny, fun package. They also help new photographers develop their skills faster. Because film costs money and images can't simply be deleted from memory, you learn how to compose pictures right the first time. My top choice these days is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 (opens in new tab). It's comfortable to hold and comes equipped with a macro lens, selfie mirror, and a built-in flash.

When you want a throwback camera with a little extra tech, reach for the Polaroid Snap (opens in new tab). Pictures print out on Zink paper and can also be saved on an SD card to share on social media.

If you're a perfectionist, you will love the feature-heavy Kodak Smile (opens in new tab). Editing software is built into the camera, so you can touchup photos before printing or sharing to social media.

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