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Keeping our phones with us at all times has become the norm, and who doesn't love listening to their favorite tunes or podcasts while working out? You can remain hands-free with this list of best fitness armbands. These bands can accommodate smaller smartphone models, all the way up to an iPhone 12 Pro Max. No matter what kind of phone you've got, we've found the perfect band for you.

Tribe Armband New Render

Best overall: Tribe armband

Staff Pick

This premium sports cell phone armband comes in two sizes and is designed to fit all smartphones comfortably. It accommodates all phone cases as well, including Otterbox and Lifeproof. We recommend sizing up if you use a thicker phone case. It's made of a premium blend of Lyra and Neoprene. It's comfortable, durable, and features a built-in key and headphone holder to keep smaller personals secure and organized.

$15 at Amazon
Runbach Armband

Honorable mention: RUNBACH Armband

This armband is designed for larger devices. It offers full-screen protection while allowing easy access to your phone's touchscreen and headphone jack. It's made of high-grade, water-resistant Lycra, so it's soft, stretchy, and lightweight. It's fully adjustable and can fit small and large arms from 9 to 14 inches in size. It also comes with a bonus extension strap that will give you another 9 inches if needed. It features a built-in key and card pocket and a reflective stripe for safety.

$10 at Amazon
Newppon Rotatable Armband Render

Best access: Newppon Rotatable Armband

This universal armband features 180-degree rotation, so you can access your phone and all of its functions wherever you are. It's fully adjustable and comes with two strap slots and adjustable fastenings to fit any arm ranging from 9 to 16 inches. A sure-grip design prevents sliding or drops during active workouts. It also offers a hidden key holder, earphone cord management, and double fastening sides with two slots. It's sweat-proof, breathable, and water-resistant.

$13 at Amazon
Venoro Armband Render

Best value: Venoro Armband

This fitness armband by Venoro features two large arm pockets to keep small personal items safe during workouts. It features universal compatibility and works with most smartphones. It's made of high-quality, water-resistant, Neoprene that disperses heat and absorbs sweat; plus, it's very lightweight and comfortable. It comes in three colors: black, neon green, and electric blue.

$8 at Amazon
Reveresport Armband Render

Best for larger devices: RevereSport Armband

This armband comes in two sizes, medium and large, and is great for larger smartphones or devices. This band is designed to hold your phone with the phone case on, including thick ones like Otterbox and Lifeproof, so you don't have to constantly take your case off. You have direct access to your touchscreen. It's made of a Lycra material that has a waterproof coating, preventing your devices from getting wet, and it's fully adjustable. It features a large key pocket and an additional handy card, cash, or ID pocket.

$20 at Amazon
Oribox Armband Render

Best versatility: ORIbox Armband

This armband by ORIbox comes in a few different designs, so you can pick the one that suits your needs most. The lightweight, unisex design featured in the photo fits all plus-size smartphones with a thin case. It can be used to carry small essentials you might need to have on hand. The dual pocket, zippered style keeps your personals safe and secure while you exercise. The armband itself is made of high-quality, waterproof oxford fabric, which can effectively prevent sweat and rain from soaking your phone.

$13 at Amazon
Watache Sport Armband Render

Coolest patterns: WATACHE Sports Armband

This sports armband by WATACHE comes in a ton of really cool colors and brightly colored patterns. It's ideal for smartphones up to 6.5 inches in their protective cases. It features a three-pocket design, two of which are zippered. It's made of premium nylon and can be worn as a purse, handbag, messenger bag, shoulder bag, or cross-body bag. It also comes with an elastic armband for high-intensity workouts.

$11 at Amazon
Etronic Armband

Compression sleeve: E-tronic Armband Sleeve

This armband sleeve comes in seven colors and is designed to fit all phone models. It is super soft and made as a compression sleeve, ensuring a comfortable, secure fit. It features a reflective logo to keep you safe at night and a headphone hole for your wired headphones. It comes in four sizes and can accommodate arms ranging from 8 to 19 inches in size, guaranteeing the perfect fit.

$10 at Amazon
Fenju Armband Render

Nicely organized: FengJu Armband

This fitness armband is perfect for any phone up to 6.5 inches in length. It features a non-slip design and is fully adjustable to fit arms 8 to 16 inches in circumference. The band will stay in place through the toughest of workouts. It offers one flip pocket with a reinforced closure for your phone and one zippered pocket for smaller personal items. There is also an earphone cable hole on the phone pocket so you can jam out with your wired headphones.

$10 at Amazon
Sporteer Velocity Armband

Splurge-worthy: Sporteer Velocity V8 Armband

This universal sport armband comes in two strap sizes and is designed for large phones and cases. It features a modular design with removable and interchangeable straps to ensure an adjustable, perfect fit. Its nylon front and internal moisture barrier protect your phone from sweat. Plus, there are external and internal pockets for carrying ID, cards, cash, keys, or other small items. It delivers full access to your touchscreen.

$30 at Amazon
Movoyee Armband Render

Budget pick: MOVOYEE Armband

This armband by MOVOYEE won't break the bank and provides a universal fit. It's fully adjustable and can fit most arm sizes. It features a key and cardholder and provides full access to your touchscreen. It's made of skin-friendly, breathable mesh, and a stretch-resistant blend that is both sweatproof and water-resistant. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear.

$8 at Amazon
Newbalance Armband

Easy-zip pouch: New Balance Armband

This New Balance armband features an easy-zip, water-resistant pouch that secures all of your essentials. It's outfitted with a see-through window that provides full access to your touchscreen. It's adjustable and will fit most arm sizes. It also allows enough room in the zippered pouch for credit cards, ID, cash, and keys. It's made of high-quality fabric and is water-resistant.

$11 at Amazon

Keep your smartphone secure while you sweat

Ultimately, when looking for the perfect fitness armband, the choice comes down to personal preferences and needs. We considered phone size, comfort, easy access, and storage when comprising this list of the best fitness armbands for smartphones. If you're looking for some great options for your iPod, check out best workout armbands for iPod touch 7.

We love the Tribe Armband because it comes in two sizes that accommodate all phones and lots of colors, is adjustable, water-resistant, and durable. If you're rocking a larger smartphone, check out the RevereSport or the Sporteer Velocity V8 armbands, specifically designed with larger devices in mind.

Or maybe you're looking for zippered compartments and lots of patterns? You'll love the WATACHE Sports Armband. All of these armbands have unique things to offer, so you can't go wrong with any of the items that made this cut. Happy sweating!

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