Best Fitness Trackers for Triathlon Training iMore 2021

Competing in a triathlon requires some serious training. We understand that triathletes are looking for fitness trackers that are excellent at tracking biking, swimming, and running. We obviously covered the bases there, and also took it upon ourselves to search for fitness trackers that go above and beyond in their health and fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, smart features, music, and more! These are the cream of the crop when it comes to the best fitness trackers for triathlon training.

Apple Watch 5

Best of the best: Apple Watch 5

Staff Pick

Apple's latest and greatest fifth-generation smartwatch. The Apple Watch 5 features a display that never sleeps. It offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring and the option to check your heart rhythm with the ECG app. It will send noise alerts if decibels rise to levels that can impact your hearing. It offers menstrual cycle tracking, premium fitness and health tracking, advanced metrics to help you crush your fitness goals, and motivation/challenges to get you moving every day. You can stream 50 million songs, podcasts, and/or audiobooks, it comes with a built-in compass and GPS, and lets you go without your phone. With its cellular system, you can call from the trail, text from the water, or stream music on your bike ride with just your watch.

$749 from Amazon
Fitbit Versa,2

Versa me this: Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is Fitbit's second-generation smartwatch. It features Amazon Alexa built-in to get quick news and information, check the weather, set timers and alarms, and control your smart home devices easily and conveniently. It also offers Fitbit's best health and fitness tracking features (including running, biking, and swimming), has 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and sleep monitoring so you can learn how to get better rest. It has a 6+ day battery life and is swim-proof up to 50 meters.

$195 at Amazon
Fitbit Ionic

Isn't it ionic?: Fitbit Ionic

You can start dynamic, personalized workouts on your wrist with step by step coaching with the Fitbit Ionic. It can store 300+ songs or download stations from Pandora or Deezer. It uses a built-in GPS/GLONASS to track pace, distance, and routes and features Pure Pulse, so you get continuous heart rate monitoring. It has automatic workout recognition that can track: running, swimming (waterproof up to 50 meters), cycling, strength training, all-day activity, and sleep. It has a four-day battery life and comes with both large and small size bands for the perfect fit.

$200 at Amazon
Ticwatch Pro Reco

Superior battery life + GPS: TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

The TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE is a smartwatch that features a superior battery life of up to 30 days, a built-in GPS, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, smart notifications: email, text, call, and event reminders, six workout modes (including running, swimming, and biking), a flashlight, and a find my phone feature.

$299 at Amazon
Fitbit Inspire Hr

Great value: Fitbit Inspire HR

The Fitbit Inspire offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring to more accurately track calorie burn, resting heart rate, and heart rate zones during workouts. You can track all-day activity, including steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes, and calories burned. It automatically tracks sleep and easily records workouts like running, swimming, and biking. It has a 5+ day battery life and is swim-proof up to 50 meters.

$99 at Amazon
Xiaomi Mi Band

Best budget: Xiaomi Mi Band 4

This budget-friendly fitness tracker has a battery life of up to 20 days. It features heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and health and fitness tracking. It comes with six workout modes: treadmill, exercise, outdoor running, cycling, walking, and swimming, so it works well for triathletes. It will tell you the distance traveled, calories burned, and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

$35 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Fit

Automatic fitness tracking: Samsung Galaxy Fit

This fitness tracker features automatic workout recognition and can tell if you're walking, running, swimming, or hopping on the elliptical. It features a full-color AMOLED display, is swim-ready, has military-grade durability, and is sleek and light to wear. Its wellness monitoring system tracks daily steps, sleep patterns, calories burned, water/caffeine intake, and heart rate. It's compatible with Android and iOS.

$99 at Amazon
Garmin Vivofit

1-year battery life: Garmin Vivofit 4

You don't have to worry about charging the battery on this fitness tracker; it features a 1+ year battery life! The Garmin VivoFit 4 tracks steps, distance, and calories burned, monitors sleep, and provides a personalized daily step goal. It syncs to Garmin Connect, where you can save, plan, and share your activities. It's safe to wear swimming, and while you shower and the Garmin Move IQ feature automatically detects whatever activity you're doing.

$69 at Amazon
Garmin Vivoactive

Great for outdoor/indoor cross training: Garmin Vivoactive 4

This smartwatch can keep track of your energy levels, pulse, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress levels, sleep, and hydration. You can easily download songs to your watch, including playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music, or Deezer, and connect with your headphones (sold separately) for phone-free listening. It features 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, including running, yoga, swimming, and cycling. It has a battery life of up to eight days, and you can personalize your watch face with thousands of free options.

$303 at Amazon
Fitbit Charge

Charge your routine: Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3's 24/7 heart rate monitoring gives you more accurate stats when it comes to your calorie burn. This tracker features 15+ exercise modes, including biking, swimming, yoga, circuit training, and cycling. It also has sleep tracking so you can understand your REM cycles and ultimately get better rest. It's swim-proof up to 50 meters so you can rock it in the water as well as the shower.

$125 at Amazon
Garmin Fenix 5x

Ultimate GPS watch: Garmin Fenix 5X

This watch is an excellent multisport GPS watch that features mapping, routable cycling maps, and other outdoor navigation features. It's designed to weather rugged environments. The built-in navigation sensors include GPS/GLONASS capability to track your workouts in more challenging environments, as well as a three-axis compass, gyroscope, and barometric altimeter. It features preloaded run profiles: running, treadmill running, and trail running.

$365 at Amazon

Train insane triathletes

We understand the prep work, training, and athletic prowess that goes into competing in a triathlon. We want you to find the perfect fitness tracker for your training program, and we believe you'll find it and then some with this carefully curated list of the best fitness trackers for triathletes.

We love the Apple Watch 5 because it's tricked out with superior features like the built-in GPS and compass, always on retina display, 24/7 heart rate monitoring and ECG check, premium health, and fitness tracking, and its phone free cellular system so you can communicate and stream media with anyone, anywhere, using only your watch. If you're looking for something that will get the job done but won't break the bank, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the way to go. Have you been searching for the ultimate GPS watch? The Garmin Fenix X5 is your new best friend. Whatever your training needs are, we've got you covered with this list of the best fitness trackers for triathlon training.

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