Best gaudy holiday tech wear

The holiday season can be tough, but you know what helps? Putting a little pep (or tackiness) in your step with some festive hats, sweaters, jewelry, and more — but what if this year, they had a techy-tacky-twist?

Here are your best options out there for best gaudy holiday tech wear!


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With this handmade LED Christmas sweater for around $60!

2. Fa la la la laaaa la la light uppppp

Deck the halls with touques with LED lights in them for $10 (... doesn't quite have the same ring to it, huh?)

3. What says "holiday season pleasin'" more than a light up fur vest?

No, seriously. We're asking.

Oh, and did we mention this LED vest is only $46?

4. Red bling on your wrist when you're openin' your gifts

Lookin' fly as a fox while you sport that Apple Watch (LOOK, MA! I'M A RAPPER! And this blinged-out Apple Watch band will cost you around $64)

5. Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane?

The world's gaudiest Superman sweater for around $25?!

6. LED lights + red high heels + dangling ornaments = Pure holiday BLISS

No matter how drunk you get at the Christmas party, your $210 handmade shoes are still blingin' more than Becky's in accounting.

7. Forget Elf on the Shelf...

Go for Elf on a LED-super-tacky-Christmas-sweater instead for only $35!


BLING IT UP UP UP BLING IT UP UP UP YOU'RE SO GAUUUUDDDDYYYYY (to the tune of 'My Sons know what you did in the Dark).

Oh, and this band'll cost you around $63.

9. You can't celebrate the holiday season without LED jewelry!

What are you?! Some sort of animal that doesn't want Christmas light earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that flash and light up for $13? For SHAME.

10. Saucy Christmas dress, meet LED Christmas tree!

Slap a few dangling presents on and this $80 masterpiece is good to go carolling.


"Oh the weather outside is weather" — Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This LED hat will cost you around $17, by the way!

12. Glittery bows and ribbons make everything better!

And this bling-tastic Apple Watch band for $64 is noooo exception.

13. Party like you're glowin' like a disco ball!

Because you will be with this $69 LED dress with it's massive white, totally-not-tacky tutu!

14. Get a little bit classy with this ornate LED necklace for that fancy-ass family party you want to be extra extra for.

High fashion meets designer looks meets LED glitz meets a $69 price-tag.

15. Glowing ties?! What is this, the future?!

Nah, it's only 2017, but you can get a red or green LED tie for around $14 in order to really stand out during this holiday season!

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