Best Gifts for Pokémon Fans

The first Pokémon game came out 20 years ago for the Nintendo Game Boy and has been a huge international hit ever since. Spawning a TV series, several movies, and dozens of games, Pokémon has generated many passionate fans in all parts of the world.

If you know someone who is a Pokémon fan (or are one yourself) and you need gift ideas for the holidays, iMore has got your back.

Pokémon Sun and/or Moon

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The newest games in the Pokémon series are a must have for any Pokémon fan. With an estimated 81 new Pokémon across the two games, they are bound to have a great time playing this new installment. The games are compatible with Nintendo's portable Nintendo 3DS system, and can be found at most major retailers, click the link below for more information about the games and a complete list of where to find them.

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Pokéball battery bank

One of the newest additions to the Pokémon franchise is the massively successful mobile game Pokémon GO. You may have noticed that people who play it complain about the game draining the battery on their phones very quickly. One of the solutions people have come up with is to carry around battery bank that can charge their phone from their pockets.

There is almost no better gift to a Pokémon GO player than a solid battery bank and this Pokéball battery bank can keep them playing for hours. It has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which means it can charge an iPhone 7 Plus three full times. Plus, looking like a Pokéball (an item from the series) is something any true fan will appreciate.

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Spigen Style Ring

Another great gift for Pokémon GO players is the Spigen Style Ring. This little ring sticks onto the back of your phone or phone case giving you a convenient way to hold onto you phone. No more dropping your phone in mud or puddles, and it can even be used as a kickstand or car mount, which means playing Pokémon GO isn't the only use!

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Pokéball hoodie

Perfect for Pokémon GO players who want to hunt for Pokémon in the winter, this Pokéball hoodie will not only keep you warm, it's also a great way to wear your passion. This classic Pokéball design will be recognizable to any Pokémon fan, and it's avaiable in small, medium, large, and extra large, so you should be able to find the right fit!

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Ash Ketchum replica hat

A personal favorite of mine, this Ash Ketchum replica hat will give any diehard fan of the original Pokémon TV series something to smile about this holiday season. This trucker style cap is a replica of the one worn by the main character of the Pokémon TV series when it launched back in '97. It's an iconic hat that all Pokémon fans will instantly recognize.

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Pikachu plush toy

A sure fire hit for any Pokémon fan is anything Pikachu related. This Pikachu plush toy is perfect for kids (or adults) who love to snuggle next to their favorite characters at night. Pikachu is the figure head Pokémon for the entire franchise and is pretty much universally adored by all Pokémon fans.

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Pokémon Nanoblocks

Pokémon Nanoblocks are cool little figurines that would look great on a Pokémon fan's desk. They are made from these little Lego-like bricks, which means you get the added fun of building your own little Pokémon. Nanoblocks offers a bunch of different Pokémon so you shouldn't have trouble finding the perfect one. Fair warning, the building instructions can be a little vague, so if you're buying for a child you may want to give the parents a heads up that they will need to help.

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Pokémon Gym Badges

Poke badges

Pins are always fun to have around since you can just swap them between outfits and show your passion in a subtle way. These gym badges come in a collectors gift box, and are a great way to sport a little bit of Pokémon each day. The set includes 8 different badges, and you can pick them up for around $10 at Amazon.

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Pokémon Monopoly

A Pokétwist on the classic Parker Brothers board game. Pokémon Monopoly is bound to bring joy to Pokémon fans. With plenty of references to the TV series, nostalgia will be your best friend with this gift.

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Game Boy coffee mug

What would we do in a world without coffee mugs? A classic stocking stuffer, this Game Boy mug is bound to make Pokémon lovers rejoice. The mug looks like the original Game Boy system with the original Pokémon video game being played on the "screen". If you know a caffeine crazed Pokémon fan, this would be the perfect gift!

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