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GoPro accessories take your videographer skills to a whole new level. Secure your camera on a tripod, mount it to your bike seat post or on your helmet, and add your entire kit to a padded case to keep it protected. We have all the tools and supplies you need to up your GoPro game. Check out these accessories.

Gopro Adventure Kit Render Cropped

Must-have mounts: GoPro Adventure Kit

Staff Pick

Never miss a shot with GoPro's official Adventure Kit. Each mount in this bundle fits every GoPro on the market. This kit comes with a floating hand grip, known in GoPro circles as handlebars. The grip is padded and easy to grip, and it comes with a wrist lanyard. This is the gear assist you want to get steady shots in the water and on land. This bundle also includes a head strap for capturing POV footage. You'll also score a quick clip that lets you secure your GoPro to a cap, your belt, a hoodie, and a million other places. All these tools come in a padded, customizable case. Whether you take footage for pay or play, you're going to love the Adventure Kit.

$37 at Amazon
Smile Powo 42 In 1 Gopro Accessory Kit

Best all-in-one bundle: SmilePowo 51-in-1 Sport Camera Kit

The budget-priced SmilePowo 51-in-1 Sport Camera Kit gives you everything you need to take your GoPro on the road, and then some. Your money will get you an astounding number of accessories! You'll get a 360-degree rotating wrist strap, car suction mount, head strap mount and extension arm, chest mount, tripod, floating handle grip, selfie stick, clamp mounts for your bike handlebars, straps galore, a bunch of adapters, a wrench, and screws, and all the adhesive pads you'll ever need. All of these goodies fit inside a foam-padded case that goes where you do. If you're not quite sure what you need, but you wanted to cover all your bases, this kit is for you.

$19 at Amazon
Gopro Travel Kit Render Cropped

The tripod you've always wanted: GoPro Travel Kit

If you want minimal, functional gear when you're on the road, GoPro's Travel Kit gets our nod of approval. It includes the Shorty, a miniature extension pole/tripod, plus a sleeve and lanyard. The Shorty extends 8.9 inches, and it stays propped up on any level surface. When in tripod mode, the Shorty's three legs jut out from the sides to give you super stable footage in any environment, including high winds. The sleeve fits over your GoPro and comes with a lanyard. Using that combo, you can wear your camera around your neck, your wrist, or attach it to a backpack for on-the-go filming. This official GoPro accessory kit comes with a customizable, padded case.

$38 at Amazon
Kupton Gopro Hero8 Bundle Render Cropped

Waterproof your GoPro Hero 8: Kupton GoPro Hero 8 Black Accessories Kit

Even though you're not bothered by bad weather, your GoPro needs a measure of protection. If you shoot underwater or in the rain and have a GoPro Hero 8, the Kupton Accessories Kit should move to the top of your list of must-haves. This kit comes with waterproof housing. It's designed to keep your camera dry down to 60 meters. The kit also includes a shockproof carrying case with foam precut inserts, two tempered glass screen protectors, a silicone sleeve and lanyard, a snorkel filter, and fog inserts. The filters correct colors underwater while the anti-fog inserts prevent your lens from fogging up in cold and humid environments.

$26 at Amazon
Wasabi Power Battery Charger Accessory Kit Render Cropped

Affordable battery kit: Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit

Your GoPro is dead in the water when your batteries drain out. The Wasabi Power Battery two-pack keeps you in business for hours and gives you an extra battery backup for those days you can't get to an outlet. Included in the Wasabi accessory pack are two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a dual charger, and a power cord. You'll also get a 3-year warranty. The batteries and the battery charger are compatible with GoPro Hero7, Hero6, and Hero5. The third-party batteries last as long as official units from GoPro, and they recharge quickly. If you're looking for a battery deal, you just found it.

$20 at Amazon
Gopro Sports Kit Render Cropped

The best chest strap: GoPro Sports Kit

The GoPro Sports Kit fits all GoPro camera models. It's an official GoPro accessory, and it lives up to GoPro's build quality reputation. This bundle comes with Chesty, GoPro's performance chest mount. The Chesty slides over your shoulders like suspenders and straps to your chest to hold the camera firmly against your body for rock-steady first-person views. It's comfortable, adjustable, and is great for on-the-go filming. This kit also comes with a second mount you can use to attach your GoPro to your handlebars, a seat post, or a variety of poles. The bundle comes with a padded carrying case, too.

$55 at Amazon

My top three picks

GoPros have turned us all into filmmakers, and that's a good thing—no more fumbling with phones or bulky DSLRs. Today, strapping a GoPro to your helmet gives you the sort of first-person video that used to take an entire team of videographers to accomplish.

The GoPro isn't magic on its own, though. You still need a few tricks up your sleeve in the form of accessories if you're going to up the odds of getting every shot you imagine. My favorite accessory bundle is the official GoPro Adventure Kit. You'll get a head strap, a quick clip, and a floating hand grip. It's every mount you could ever need all packaged into an affordable bundle. This kit arrives with a customizable and padded case that has room for all your gear, memory cards, cords, and more.

If you're just getting started and you're not sure what equipment is best for you, we recommend sampling them all with the SmilePowo 51-in-1 Kit. This box of tricks includes a decent variety of mounts, wrist straps, car suction cups, selfie sticks, a wrench, and even a foam-lined case. There's a ton of accessories here, and they all fit GoPro Hero 3-GoPro Hero 8 Black models.

A tripod is one of the most useful camera accessories, and the GoPro Travel Kit comes with one of the sturdiest tripods I've ever tested. It sits steadily on three legs when needed, and extends to 8.9 inches. You'll also get a sleeve, lanyard, and a padded travel case.

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