Best GoPro Accessory Kits in 2023

GoPro accessories take your videographer skills to a whole new level. Accessories provide a way to secure your camera on a tripod, mount it to your bike seat post or helmet, and carry it around in a padded case to keep it protected. We have all the tools and supplies you need to up your GoPro game. Check out our list of the best GoPro accessory kits.

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How to choose the best GoPro accessories

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GoPros have turned us all into filmmakers, and that's a good thing—no more fumbling with phones or expensive DSLRs. Today, strapping a GoPro to your helmet gives you the sort of first-person video that used to take an entire team of videographers to accomplish.

The GoPro isn't magic on its own, though. You still need a few tricks up your sleeve in the form of accessories if you're going to up the odds of getting every shot you imagine. My favorite accessory bundle is the official GoPro Adventure Kit. You'll get a head strap, a quick clip, and a floating hand grip. It's every mount you could ever need, all packaged into an affordable bundle. This kit arrives with a customizable and padded case with room for all your gear, memory cards, cords, and more.

If you're just getting started and unsure what equipment is best for you, we recommend sampling them all with the SmilePowo 51-in-1 Kit. This box of tricks includes a decent variety of mounts, wrist straps, car suction cups, selfie sticks, a wrench, and even a foam-lined case. There's a ton of accessories here, and they all fit GoPro Hero 3-GoPro Hero 8 Black models.

A tripod is one of the most useful camera accessories, and the GoPro Travel Kit comes with one of the sturdiest tripods I've ever tested. It sits steadily on three legs when needed and extends to 8.9 inches.

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