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Best Insulated Tumblers in 2022

Best Insulated Tumblers
Best Insulated Tumblers (Image credit: YETI)

Taking your morning cup of java with you to the office when you get a late start or your favorite tea to your early morning exam always seems like a good idea, but plenty of travel mugs and tumblers are terrible at keeping your hot drinks hot and your cool drinks cold. Quality insulated tumblers are excellent at keeping your drinks at the optimal temperature. Here are the best-insulated tumblers that are available now, suitable for hot drinks, cool beverages, and even wine and beer.

The best tumbler for the job

There are tons of knock-off tumblers around, but a reputable manufacturer will make an excellent vacuum seal that can insulate your drink and maintain the temperature you like for hours. Finding the right tumbler for what you're drinking is the best way to enjoy your beverages. If you're drinking coffee at the office, you'll want to make sure you don't deluge your keyboard, so the Contigo AUTOSEAL (opens in new tab) is a reliable choice.

The best of the bunch is the YETI rambler (opens in new tab), not just because it performs well, but because it is so versatile and friendly to use. It comes in a ton of colors with plenty of accessory lids, handles, and accouterments available. The magnetic cover is easy to clean, and the wide mouth makes it great for gulping cold drinks or slamming your morning pick-me-up.

For special occasions, skip the glassware or the plastic cups and go for an insulated tumbler instead. The Hydro Flask (opens in new tab) wine tumbler holds a glass of rosé at the perfect chill or keeps red from getting too cold while you sip at the campfire. If brews are your thing, go for the Stanley Never Flat Stein (opens in new tab). The classic beer hall design looks excellent, and the locking lid will keep beer fresh and secure.

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