Best Insulated Tumblers iMore 2020

Taking your morning cup of java with you to the office when you get a late start or your favorite tea to your early morning exam always seems like a good idea, but plenty of travel mugs and tumblers are terrible at keeping your hot drinks hot and your cool drinks cold. Quality insulated tumblers are excellent at keeping your drinks at the optimal temperature. Here are the six best-insulated tumblers you can buy!

Classic design: YETI Rambler

Staff Pick

The iconic YETI Rambler features double-walled stainless steel insulation, chip-free paint, and plenty of available accessories and color options.

$30 at Amazon

Durable budget pick: Jura Outdoor tumbler

The Jura Outdoor is inexpensive but retains the high-end features of the best tumblers. It's insulated, durable and dishwasher friendly, and comes with two lids and a metal straw.

$11 at Amazon

Great for the office: Contigo Autoseal

It doesn't insulate drinks for as long, but the Contigo AUTOSEAL features a button-press opening that won't spill unless you're ready to drink. It's perfect for your clean office desk.

From $15 at Amazon

Outstanding insulation: Zojirushi Mug

The Zojirushi Mug keeps drinks blisteringly hot all day. The locking lid gives you peace of mind, but be careful of drips from the mouthpiece.

$28 at Amazon

Wine tumbler: Hydro Flask

This Hydro Flask tumbler is easy to hold and insulated to keep wine at the perfect temperature. It makes a great alternative to glassware when you're outdoors.

$30 at Amazon

Beer stein: Stanley Never Flat

Sure, you could use a beer koozie, or instead sip suds in style with Stanley's Never Flat stein. The latching lid will hold onto the carbonation just a bit longer.

$32 at Amazon

The best tumbler for the job

There are tons of knock-off tumblers around, but a reputable manufacturer will make a great vacuum seal that can insulate your drink and maintain the temperature you like for hours. Finding the right tumbler for what you're drinking is the best way to enjoy your beverages. If you're drinking coffee at the office, you'll want to make sure you don't deluge your keyboard, so the Contigo AUTOSEAL is a reliable choice. The Zojirushi Mug has a locking lid and can keep drinks at temperature for an insanely long time, but beware drips from the mouthpiece when you take your first few sips.

The best of the bunch is the YETI rambler, not just because it performs well, but because it is so versatile and friendly to use. It comes in a ton of colors with plenty of accessory lids, handles, and accouterments available. The magnetic lid is easy to clean, and the wide mouth makes it great for gulping cold drinks or slamming your morning pick-me-up. There's a reason it's so often duplicated; it's simply great.

For special occasions, skip the glassware or the plastic cups and go for an insulated tumbler instead. The Hydro Flask wine tumbler holds a glass of rosé at the perfect chill or keeps red from getting too cold while you sip at the campfire. If brews are your thing, go for the Stanley Never Flat Stein. The classic beer hall design looks great, and the locking lid will keep beer fresh and secure.

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