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The best iPad accessories make a great slice of tech even better. Whether you use your iPad for school, work, or play, you'll want to grab some of these accessories to protect your iPad and stretch your iPad's abilities to the max. We've done the legwork for you, so get ready to gear up.

Best iPad 2020 Case ESR Trifold Case Best iPad 2020 Case

First, a case: ESR Trifold Case

Staff Pick

The first thing you'll want to get is a case to protect your investment. This is a nice-looking, slim, durable, functional, and reasonably-priced case. The hard back cover protects the back while the "smart" front cover folds around the back to act as a stand.

Ipad 8th Generation Smart Cover Surf Blue

Apple's own: Apple Smart Cover

If you don't want an all-over case, consider Apple's own Smart Cover. It has inspired a legion of imitators. It's just so convenient to open the cover and have your iPad wake up immediately and go to sleep when you close it. Keep in mind the Smart Cover only covers the front, not the back of the iPad. In addition to the 7th-generation iPad (2019), this one is also compatible with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air 3.

Best iPad 2020 Case Smart Keyboard iPad 8th Gen 2020

Apple's Keyboard Case: Apple Smart Keyboard

If you will be doing work or schoolwork on your iPad, a keyboard case is a necessary accessory. This simple and elegant keyboard case also protects your iPad's screen. You know it "just works," and it looks and feels amazing to use. This slim and trim keyboard is also compatible with the iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Air 3, and the 7th-generation iPad (2019.)

Best iPad 2020 Case Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case With Trackpad Ipad 8th Generation 2020

Keyboard case with trackpad: Logitech Combo Touch for iPad

This keyboard case from Logitech has two big differences from Apple's Smart Keyboard. It's an all-over case; plus, it has a trackpad. The full-sized keyboard is backlit for ease of use in low light. The flexible design supports four different use modes for ultimate flexibility. The Smart Connector makes connecting your iPad to the keyboard super easy.

Apple Pencil

Stylin' stylus: Apple Pencil

Whether you're taking handwritten notes, sketching, coloring, or marking up photos and documents, the Apple Pencil is an amazing companion to the iPad. It has pressure and tilt sensitivity, giving it a remarkably pencil-like feel. Open up your creative possibilities. Be sure to purchase the 1st-generation Apple Pencil linked here; the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil isn't compatible with this iPad model.

Apple Airpods Pro

Listen up: AirPods Pro

Headphones are a must for Zoom calls, listening to movies and music, or just blocking out distractions. The AirPods Pro offer Active Noise Cancellation so you can focus on your important pursuits. Or switch to Transparency Mode to let the outside world in. Your AirPods Pro sound amazing and connect seamlessly to all of your Apple devices.

Lamicall Tablet Stand Best Ipad Accessories 2020 8th Generation Render Cropped

Simple stand: Lamicall Tablet Stand

This basic stand works for any iPad model or even your iPhone. It's great in the kitchen if you're using your iPad to follow a recipe; you don't have to worry about knocking it over when you tap on the screen. The pass-through cut-out lets you charge your iPad while it rests securely in the stand. Choose from several color options.

Jetech Screen Protector Best Ipad Accessories 8th Generation 2020 Render Cropped

Pristine screen: JETech Screen Protector for iPad 8/7

If you want to avoid scratches and dings on your iPad's screen, consider a screen protector. This scratch-resistant tempered glass screen protector is just 0.33 millimeters thick, so it won't add a lot of bulk to your iPad. The package contains everything you need for bubble-free installation.

Fa-Star Usb Camera Adapter Best Ipad Accessories Render Cropped

Dongle: FA-STAR USB Camera Adapter

The iPad has a Lighting port for charging, and no other ports to plug anything in. This Lightning-to-USB dongle allows you to plug in your camera to upload photos and videos. You can also connect other compatible accessories, such as a mouse, keyboard, microphone, musical instrument, and more.

$13 at Amazon
Kimlandy Usb Flash Drive Best Ipad Accessories Render Cropped

Secure storage: Kimlandy USB Flash Drive

Securely store and transfer your photos, videos, music, and more with this flash drive than plugs directly into your iPad or iPhone. It has 128GB of storage, and it comes with a USB-C adapter in case you wish to use it with a different device. Choose from several color options.

From $22 at Amazon
Scosche Baselynx Modular Charging System Kit Best Ipad Accessories Render Cropped

Charge and organize: Scosche BaseLynx Modular Charging System Kit

BaseLynx is an elegant modular charging system that you can customize to display, organize, and charge your important devices together. The Apple-exclusive setup shown here lets you fast-charge your iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch together. It includes a vertical charging stand with one 18W USB-C Power Delivery port and two 12W USB-A ports, a Qi-certified charging pad for your iPhone, and a genuine Apple Watch Magnetic Charger.

$150 at Apple
Tomtoc Portfolio Case For Ipad Best Ipad Accessories Render Cropped

Carry it all: tomtoc Portfolio Case

Carry your iPad along with your accessories and supplies in this zippered portfolio. The iPad pocket is roomy enough to hold your iPad even in a case and offers extra protection when you're on the go. Lots of pockets and elastic loops help keep everything neat and organized. A hard shell EVA exterior prevents dings. You get a couple of color options.

RAVPower Usb C Portable Charger Ravpower 20000mah Render Cropped

Power to go: USB-C Portable Charger RAVPower 20000mAh

This battery pack is powerful enough to charge your iPad and lots more. Heck, you can even charge your MacBook with this powerhouse. Charge up to two devices simultaneously. Pack this in your bag when you're out in nature, or anyplace elsewhere there aren't any outlets. The cord it comes with is USB-C to USB-C, so use the power cord that comes with your iPad with this battery.

Gadget Guard Multi Use Screen Cleaner Spray Best Accessories Render Cropped

Keep it clean: Gadget Guard Multi-Use Screen-Cleaner Spray

Keep your iPad clean with this kit. You get a two-ounce bottle of cleaning spray than can be used on any of your tech devices, a microfiber cloth, and a little bag to keep them together. The spray is non-toxic, chemical-free, and comes in recycled packaging.

$6 at Amazon

What do you need?

The 8th-generation iPad (2020) is a well-priced, fully-featured base model iPad. It's one of the best iPad models you can buy, especially for students and educators.

Anytime I purchase a new Apple device, protection is first and foremost on my mind. I've mentioned some of the best iPad cases here; I've been a longtime user of ESR's Trifold Case over several iPad models. It does what I need, and it doesn't bulk up my iPad. This case protects your iPad, both front and back. The tri-fold front cover has a soft microfiber lining to avoid scratching your screen. It folds around the back to act as a stand for video viewing or typing, depending on how you orient it. I also like the sleep/wake functionality; it's satisfying to flip the cover shut and hear the iPad go to sleep.

To squeeze the most out of your iPad's features, I'd go for the Logitech Combo Touch for iPad to take advantage of that sweet, sweet touchpad functionality. I do love a Smart Connector; it just makes life that much easier. No messing around with Bluetooth or even charging up the keyboard. This keyboard case makes the iPad almost like a mini laptop.

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