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Best iPad mounts for indoor fitness bikes iMore 2021

Exercise bikes can be pretty expensive. Still, instead of purchasing a pricey connected bike, people are opting to save by downloading their favorite fitness apps, like Apple Fitness+ or Peloton Digital. To bike and watch, you're going to need one of the best iPad mounts for any indoor bike to hold your iPad securely in place. We love the TACKFORM Bike Mount because it provides a universal fit, is easy to use, durable, and fully adjustable. No matter what kind of fitness bike you've got at home, you're bound to find the perfect mount for your needs on this list of best iPad mounts for indoor fitness bikes.

Best overall: TACKFORM Bike Mount

Tackform Tablet Holder LifestyleSource: Tackform

This tablet holder bar mount can firmly clamp onto any bar in your workout area. It's fast and easy to use; all you have to do is clamp it on, slide your tablet into the universal cradle, and you're ready to rock. This mount is compatible with any tablet with a screen size between seven to 18.4 inches.

The clamp is made from automotive-grade ABS plastic. The rubber grip and grooves inside the clamp hold onto the bar to keep it secure (even if you're cycling like a mad man). It's designed specifically to withstand high-impact workouts. This is an excellent mount for workout app users and only takes seconds to install. The legs of the tablet cradle allow for full access to ports, buttons, and cameras.

On the downside, some users complain that the ball joint is loose and not holding their iPads firmly in place. Overall, this product was highly rated and did exactly what it was supposed to. Take note that it's better suited for tablets over smartphones.


  • Universal tablet holder
  • Durable clamp
  • Swivel mount


  • Ball joint is a little loose
  • Not good for smartphones

Best overall

Tackform Universal Tablet Holder


Crowd favorite

Universal tablet holder with durable clamp and swivel mount can clamp onto any indoor exercise equipment.

Best value: Lamicall Bike Mount

Domain Cycling Mount LifestyleSource: Domain Cycling

This indoor bike mount by Lamicall features universal compatibility for your smartphone or tablet. It's perfect for taking indoor cycling classes at home with your favorite apps or for watching movies or TV shows while you ride. It features a design that can be rotated 360 degrees for easy adjustments and the perfect screen view. It offers easy installation — there are no tools required. It's durable, built to last, and holds your devices securely for peace of mind.

This product is made of plastic; please handle it with care. It features universal compatibility with your devices, but not necessarily your exercise equipment. Please measure your equipment before purchasing to ensure it will fit.


  • Universal tablet and smartphone compatibility
  • 360-degree adjustments
  • Secure hold
  • Durable


  • Made of plastic

Best value

Domain Cycling Tablet Mount

Lamicall Bike Mount

Best bang for your buck

A bike mount that features universal compatibility with your smartphones and tablets, 360-degree adjustments, and security.

Best budget: The JUBOR Bike Mount

Jubor Bike Mount LifestyleSource: Jubor

This light, yet strong, bike mount fits most smartphones and tablets. It enables you to ride along with your desired fitness apps, watch movies, and make calls while you're exercising. It features 360-degree rotation and multiple angle adjustments to suit your needs and an iron-clad grip so it won't vibrate while you're riding.

It's quick and easy to set up, and it's very durable. It's made of automotive grade ABS plastic, and the rubber grip and grooves inside keep it securely in place. This shock-protected mount gives you access to all of your iPad or iPhone's features and keeps them safe and protected.

Some users report that tightening the head adjustment can be difficult. However, once tightened, devices are firmly locked in place.


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Strong, durable grip
  • Shock protected


  • Tightening the head adjustment can be difficult

Best budget

Jubor Bike Tablet Holder

The JUBOR Bike Mount

Great for smartphones and smaller tablets

This is a light, secure mount for your tablet or smartphone that features 360-degree, shock-protected rotation.

Best magnetic: The Scosche MagicMount

Scosche Bike Mount LifestyleSource: Scosche

You can safely secure your tablet or smartphone phone on your fitness bike with this mount to participate in live and recorded classes on third-party apps. This mount features extra powerful magnets made of neodymium to hold your device in place securely.

This particular mount was designed with heavier devices in mind. It's high-quality and durable. It has a 360-degree pivot swivel so you can customize your viewing angles and a versatile terra clamp that will fit on virtually any type of fitness equipment.

Though this mount is pricey, it does exactly what it's supposed to and is worth the investment.


  • Features powerful magnets
  • 360-degree pivot swivel
  • Terra clamp


  • Pricey

Best magnetic

Scosche Magicmount

The Scosche MagicMount

Magnetic attraction

Magnetic bike mount features a 360-degree pivot swivel and a terra clamp to hold your device safely and securely.

Best freestanding: CTA Digital Floor Stand

Cta Digital Ipad Mount   Parsons AdlSource: CTA Digital

Can't mount your iPad directly onto your indoor fitness bike? No problem! You can use this hands-free, height-adjustable gooseneck floor stand to mount your iPad right next to you when you're riding or set up your media station anywhere you like.

This stand features a durable weighted base, a rotating tablet holder, a 12-inch flexible gooseneck, and limitless display options to suit your needs. The telescoping pole allows for easy height adjustments, and this stand is compatible with seven to 13-inch tablets.

On the downside, some users reported the gooseneck being difficult to bend. This might be a plus since it will hold your iPad firmly in place. A few people also reported that the clips that grip your iPad were somewhat small.


  • Freestanding
  • Jointed tablet holder allows limitless display options
  • Telescoping pole allows easy height adjustments


  • Hard to bend the gooseneck
  • The clips that grip your iPad are a little small

Best freestanding

Cta Digital Floor Stand

CTA Digital Floor Stand

Set your media anywhere

Versatile, freestanding, height-adjustable, gooseneck floor stand to mount your iPad anywhere.

Bottom line

We're totally into the evolving trend of bringing the boutique studio experience home using workout apps on your iPad. We know it's essential to have a tablet mount you can trust to hold your device securely. No matter what kind of indoor bike setup you've got at home, we've found the perfect mount for you on this carefully curated list, so you can ride with the best of them while following along on your iPad.

Our favorite is the TACKFORM Bike Mount because it's universal, highly reviewed, fully adjustable, and comes at a great price. Whether you're looking to mount your iPad directly onto your bike, or you need a stand-alone holder, we've got the bike mount for you on this list of the best iPad mounts for indoor fitness bikes.

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