Best jailbreak apps for iOS 7: BiteSMS, CCControls, SwitchSpring, and more!

From quick reply, to custom gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and more, here's how to get the most out of your iOS 7 jailbreak on iPhone and iPad!

Jailbreak lets you do far more with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad than is possible out of the box. For some it's an unwanted complication, for others, dream functionality come true. Part of the power of jailbreak comes from the apps and tweaks that it lets you run. Available from Cydia, the jailbreak app store, they can change almost everything about the look and behavior of your iOS device. But which ones are worth your time and effort? Which ones are the best? Here are my favorites!


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Best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7: BiteSMS

BiteSMS is hands down the best replacement for the Messages app. It's been around almost as long as jailbreak itself and has always been heavily supported by the developer. It features quick reply and quick compose options with gestures that are completely customizable through Activator. You can also by credits via BiteSMS which is great for folks that send a lot of international messages since it's much cheaper than carrier rates. BiteSMS is currently in beta for iOS 7 but you can install it now by simply adding a source.

If you want a better messaging option than what the Messages app offers natively, there's no other option but BiteSMS.


Best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7: Activator

Activator basically controls all the swipe gestures on your iPhone or iPad and allows you to customize them until your hearts content. Want to double tap on the status bar and launch a quick compose window for BiteSMS? Activator lets you do that, and so much more. Tweak controls for music, a swipe to email a specific contact, or to launch your camera. The possibilities are endless with Activator.

If you want to customize gestures to your personal liking, you need Activator.

  • Free - Cydia Link


Best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7: SwitchSpring

SwitchSpring not only gives you a quick way to respring your iPhone through Control Center but a super easy way to kill all apps from the multitasking tray in one go. Although I really like the card interface of the multitasking section of iOS 7 and the live previews it offers, it isn't always the most efficient way to quit a ton of apps. With SwitchSpring I can kill all my apps in less than three seconds.

If you want an easy way to kill everything in multitasking, SwitchSpring is a super convenient way to do it.

  • Free - Cydia Link

SwipeSelection Pro

Best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7: SwipeSelection

SwipeSelection Pro is a keyboard tweak that makes editing text a lot easier. Instead of having to tap in between words and use the magnifying glass, SwipeSelection Pro lets you scrub right on your keyboard to fine tune where your cursor ends up. That also means you don't ever have to remove your fingers from the keyboard. There's a free version as well, but the Pro version was completely redone for iOS 7 and gives more customization options than the older version.

  • $1.99 - Cydia Link


Best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7: iFile

iFile is a full blown file manager for the iPhone that lets you browse the entire file system unrestricted since it gives you root user permissions. It also lets you view several file types that iOS doesn't let you view by default such as ZIP files. I don't use iFile itself that frequently but I do use it all the time in conjunction with other apps when I don't have a computer around and need to open a file that my iPhone doesn't let me natively.

If you need root access to your iPhone's file system or open many different file types on a regular basis, get iFile.

  • Free - Cydia Link


Best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7: CCControls

Before Control Center was around, there was SBSettings. Now that Control Center's here, there's still a lot of advanced options to be had and CCControls gives you them. With more toggles than you can shake a stick at, it's the best option. It even has different themes built right in to make it easier to tell what controls are activated and what aren't.

  • Free - Cydia Link


Best jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7: Flux

There are few things as bad as checking your iPhone in a dark room and being blinded by it with no warning. It's no secret that ambient light sensors in iPhones and iPads have never been that great. F.lux takes things a step further and actually warms the screen color depending on the time of day so you don't end up being caught off guard by a hard, bright screen.

If you have sensitive eyes and find your iPhone screen tones to harsh in dim lighting, F.lux is awesome.

  • Free - Cydia Link

Your picks?

Did I miss any of your favorite jailbreak apps or tweaks? If so, please add them to the comments and tell me — what makes them your must-haves?

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  • Some of these are no-brainers that should already be in the 7th iteration of an operating system. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • BiteSMS may be the single best invention this side of sliced bread. It's amazing. I just wish I could JB to get it. :(
  • It's not an invention, it's an idea taken from Android. Ridiculous we still don't have it native on iOS.
  • I'd have to check but I think it was on iOS first through Jailbreak b4 it came to Android. And it was definitely on iOS through JB before Android had it natively.
  • The earliest I can find for Jailbreak is 2010. Handcent for Android was out in 2009 or earlier.
  • BiteSMS came out with their version 1.12 in May 2008, which means they were around before that (late 2007 probably from what I've found.) RealSMS which is basically the same thing, was out around the same time (2008) BTW, it doesn't matter since I agree with you in principle, that iOS should have this natively.
  • haha. Yeah, let's not get caught up in something that takes away from the need.
  • I think since Mavericks got it, iOS 8 will have it. Notifications have to be on their todo list for a revamp. I just hope third party apps can hook into it, so I can use it with Hangouts and FB messenger. But knowing Apple, that's probably not going to happen.
  • I've been saying that for years, but you're right, with the addition of it in Maverick's, it only seems logical. Unfortunately, Apple isn't usually that logical. It normally takes years of losing marketshare for them to make an adjustment. Switching to widescreen on iMac and iPhone comes to mind.
  • The thing is that even if Apple does put something similar I'm willing to bet it will not be as full featured as BiteSMS. It will bring a fraction of what BiteSMS brings. Example they may allow you to answer the message from within an app but not allow access to message from the lock screen.
  • Yeah, that's probably the way it'll happen. Apple sucks. Google rules.
  • use evasi0n7 its easy just plug device into computer with usb cable and follow instructions
  • The way my phone's carrier works, I can't ever do a factory reset, which is something I'd need to do if I ever chose unjailbreak. That's why I can't jailbreak.
  • I think Zephyr is missing here, to me that is the best app to have ever come out of Cydia, iPad style gestures for multitasking that work perfectly.
  • Zephyr isn't available for iOS 7 yet. And dev hasn't said if it will be available. idownloadblog did a zephyr setup using Activator. But that's it for now.
  • I haven't jail broken a device since iOS 3.x However, as close to perfect as iOS 7 is, I am really thinking I may go ahead and jailbreak for biteSMS Ally, do you know if apps that require a token (Good for Enterprise, RSA SecurID) to initially work will retain their settings if I jailbreak? Sent from the iMore App
  • It depends on your works policies for Good, but I know for my office, Good will not work on a Jailbroken device. That's why Good is on my iPad non JB, and my iPhone is Jailbroken for all the great tweaks.
  • What about MyWi?
  • It works great - needs a small discounted upgrade to work.
  • BiteSMS looks stellar on iOS 7! Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • Not worth wasting time with until 7.1
  • iFile is $4.00, not free. But worth every dollar, especially sending files from device to device via bluetooth.
  • I'm pretty sure it's donation based. At least it was? Sent from the iMore App
  • No it's not donation.
  • I guess it depends on where or how you getting by your source.
  • I have most of these on my phone already. I really like I.flux. Dockshift is a cool one, lets you change the blur affect on your dock. I use flipcontrolcenter instead off CCcontrols. Also camblur lets you blur the top and bottom bars in the camera app. And who can forget winterboard. Sent from the iMore App
  • Hm love local App Store tweak , bite sms for sure butt cctoggles is the best cc tweak because looks so good and simple! Sent from the iMore App
  • iFile isn't free anymore, you get a week free trial and them have to pay the $4.00 to continue using it. I forgot to mention iCleaner too, freed up 2 gigs on the first run, use it every week to keep all the space I can. Sent from the iMore App
  • I probably didn't notice because I've had a license for a long time. I'll update. Sent from the iMore App
  • Question to you jaikbreaking pros. How do payments for Apps work? PayPal, direct credit card, etc.? Sent from the iMore App
  • You can pay either by Paypal or Amazon Checkout
  • PayPal or Amazon Payments
  • its funny because that look just andriod set up im just saying ....jailbreak it just to make it look like andriod funniest thing ever
  • Not at all really. You had to be that guy. Sent from the iMore App
  • Haha, true that! ^^ my phone has all kinds of tweaks and stuff, and I feel like it doesn't look a single thing like androids. I mean yea, bite SMS does remind me of the handaccent app on android, but the setup of everything in general is so different.
  • Barrel is a must
  • Still considering jailbreaking my device. I think a lot fun can be had with all the tweaks and customizations available to jailbroken devices. One is iFile. And as much as I love Control Center, I just wish Apple had included the ability to customize the panels on it like what you said you can do with CCControls.
    Also, anybody know the name of the app where I can backup my game save files? Thanks in advance!
  • Icon Tool would work, but it costs $1. Totally worth it.
  • Fancy is spectacular for sure. Def. worth $0.99 to customize the color all over the system.
  • $8 for a texting app?? To do something Android has had forever?! Come on Apple! Get with the times here and implement a quick SMS feature natively please!! On another note, I recall a while ago Jailbreaking wasn't encouraged as many of the tweaks weren't functional. Has this all changed?
  • I use all of them above and they great.. AdBlocker, videoPane and icleaner are great as well..
  • Y forget miniplayer... Its great simple n can be accessed through any app!
  • I think you're missing "BioLockdown", it's a must-have for everyone with an iPhone 5s! Now my iPhone will ask for my biometrics before adjusting settings like Data/Airplane mode, or when I try to shutdown the iPhone, or when I try to launch security apps like 1Password.
  • Browser Changer is also a favourite on my list, if you happen not to like Safari. I use iCabMobile now, and it's a pleasure having it set by default on all links.
  • Though BiteSMS has some cool features, the international stuff doesn't really help me as the couple of people that I message are on iOS and we have iMessage. I will say that I am intrigued but CCControl as my biggest complaint about Control Center is that I can't customize it to my liking. Control Center was a big feature for me in iOS 7 but Apple fell short with it.
  • FlipControlCenter, CyDelete, AndroidLock XT, and BiteSMS make my phone complete.
  • I've never had a desire to jailbreak my iOS devices, but at the same time, it's so fascinating to see what jailbreak devs have done. Really fun and drool worthy efforts guys. Sent from the iMore App
  • I hear Pushtone doesn't work with iOS7. Are there any alternatives?
  • I was just about to beg suggestions for gestures to use with Activator then checked the forums:
    thought I should share.
  • Are there any other FolderEnhancer type tweaks for iOS7 yet that let you have more icons in a folder (than 9 per page) and/or let you change the number of rows and icons-per-row in Springboard? I know BetrFolders it out for iOS7 but it doesn't do either of these things AFKAIK.
  • You can already add more than 9 apps in a folder. Swipe sideways inside the folder to see them once you've added them.
  • Does Switchspring work with the latest iOS? I installed it and can't figure out how it works or if it even installed. Can someone help?
  • I've already download the biteSMS via Cydia and it keeps on crashing everytime i clicked it. Am i missing something??
  • BiteSMS is in beta form at the moment. You will need to add this source: Remove the old one and install this one and that should fix your problem.
  • there are very good tweaks out right now but nothing for these stupid notification centre. thats the only thing what i am not able to change. apple please at least a nice weather icon or so.
  • NCWeather does this very well.