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Best Keyboard and Trackpad Combos for iPad Air (2019) iMore 2022

There's nothing like a trackpad — also known as a touchpad — to lend a true laptop feel to your iPad. If you like to use your iPad 3 (2019) for a lot of work and typing, a good keyboard case is a must. Add a trackpad to the mix, and you'll have the full mini-laptop experience. Our favorite keyboard and touchpad combo for the iPad 3 is the Logitech Combo Touch case. Powered by Apple's Smart Connector technology, it snaps right into place and works instantly with the iPad without the need to do any pairing or adjusting. Take a look at this winning combo below, as well as a few alternatives that will work well for your iPad.

Best Overall: Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech Combo Touch HeroSource: Logitech

Now here's an Apple-certified, smart and seamless keyboard case for your iPad. The Logitech Combo Touch clips into the Smart Connector on the iPad for a seamless, automatic connection without the need for wires, Bluetooth, or charging. The backlit keys are spaced well for a natural typing experience, and the touchpad has a glass surface that is both responsive and smooth.

The keyboard can be detached when you don't need it, and the folding stand can be adjusted to several different angles for comfortable working and watching. The case is definitely on the pricey side, but you do get what you pay for with this user-friendly device. The only complaint we had was that it is a bit hefty and thick when you fold it up, which was not a deal-breaker for us.


  • Implements Smart Connector technology
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Backlit keys


  • It's expensive
  • Case is pretty thick and hefty

Best Overall

Logitech Keyboard Touch Combo

Logitech Combo Touch

Smart and seamless

This is the cream of the crop when it comes to touchpad keyboard cases for the iPad Air 3. Smart, easy, and beautifully functional.

Best Value: Eoso TouchPad Keyboard with Leather Folio

Eoso HeroSource: Eoso

If price is an issue, the Eoso Touchpad Keyboard Folio is a functional and protective case that will easily transform your iPad Air 3 into a mini laptop. The heavy-duty leather folio provides excellent protection and doubles as a stand for the iPad when typing. The keyboard can be removed when not in use, and the fully charged case will work up to 60 hours between charges. This one does weigh in pretty heavy at almost 1.5 pounds, but you can't beat the price.


  • Great low price!
  • Heavy-duty protection
  • Long battery life


  • Very heavy
  • The stand only provides one angle for viewing

Best Value

Eoso Touchpad Keyboard Case

Eoso TouchPad Keyboard with Leather Folio

Protection + price

This affordable keyboard with a touchpad will serve perfectly well for all your typing and trackpad needs. It also provides good protection.

Best Design: Phixnozar Touchpad Keyboard Case

Phixnozar Ipad KeyboardSource: Phixnozar

This very cool case from the Phixnozar store has a unique look and feel that will set your iPad Air apart. For one, the snug hardshell case fits perfectly around the iPad so that it really does appear to be a tiny laptop, and it feels just like a laptop in your hands as you open, close, and carry it at any angle. The best part is the nifty rainbow backlight behind the keys that gives it a bright, colorful glow that you'll love typing on. The only downside is that the trackpad is not as accurate as some other choices. Some users complain that it has a slight delay.


  • Laptop look and feel
  • Open iPad to any angle of viewing
  • Cool rainbow backlight


  • Keyboard does not detach
  • Touchpad is not the most responsive

Best Design

Phixnozar Ipad Keyboard Touch

Phixnozar Touchpad Keyboard Case

Cool rainbow glow

The Touchpad Keyboard Case from Phixnozar has a unique laptop look and feel. It also features a fun rainbow backlight.

Best Versatility: TYPECASE Touch Keyboard

Typecase Touch HeroSource: Typecase

We love the 360-degree versatility of this Touch Keyboard Case from TYPECASE. Not only does it come in several eye-catching colors, but the keyboard also allows the iPad screen to be tilted or rotated into any angle or direction, so you can turn the iPad to the perfect angle no matter where you are in relation to the device. Like the previous case, this one also offers colorful backlight options to give the keyboard its own unique glow. The only real downside to this one is that the battery life drains quickly when the backlight is on.


  • 360º control - iPad screen can be adjusted to any angle or direction
  • Attractive color options
  • Colorful backlight


  • Not very protective for iPad
  • Short battery life when backlight is on

Best Versatility

Typecase Keyboard Touch

TYPECASE Touch Keyboard

360-degree typing and tracking

A colorful keyboard case with touchpad and 360-degree versatility. Turn the iPad screen in any direction and set it to any viewing angle.

Best Sleek Profile: Phixnozar Keyboard Touchpad Case

Phixnozar 2 HeroSource: Phixnozar

Minimalists will love this Keyboard Touchpad Case from Phixnozar. It's the thinnest, lightest case on this list, so it won't add much bulk to your iPad Air's ultra-slim profile. Despite its minimal appearance, the case offers a fully functional keyboard and touchpad along with 360-degree drop protection. The keyboard does not offer a backlight, but it is equipped with extra-long battery life, up to 100 hours of continuous use.


  • Slim profile
  • Lightweight
  • Good protection


  • No backlight on keyboard
  • Keyboard does not detach

Best Sleek Profile

Phixnozar Thin

Phixnozar Keyboard Case Touchpad

Sleek and slim

Phixnozar offers this slim solution that still provides a full keyboard, trackpad, and 360º drop protection.

Bottom line

If you're looking for laptop functionality for your iPad Air 3 (2019), then these are the best cases available to make that happen. Each of them gives you full keyboard and trackpad functionality that will have you working in laptop fashion in no time. Take a look at the price and features of each choice to decide which will best fit into your needs and lifestyle.

We recommend the Logitech Combo Touch for seamless connectivity and easy usability. The case uses Apple's Smart Connector to snap automatically into place without the need to ever charge the case or pair it with your iPad. Beyond that, Logitech offers excellent quality and durability that you can trust, as well as a super responsive touchpad experience. This is the best there is if you can afford it.

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