Best kids toys at CES 2018!

Tech isn't just for grown-ups. Toy makers are making the most out of the leap into connected devices, wearables, and other smart gadgets that kids can enjoy. At CES 2018 we're learning about a lot of fun things your little one can play with, some of which is already on sale. Here are the best kids toys announced at CES 2018.

TACO Playbits and TACO Robobrix

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Want to teach your toddler with some terrifically techy toys? Then take a peek at TACO Playbits and TACO Robobrix, a platform developed by India's Robotix firm, that promotes leaning while playing in children 3 to 7 years-old.

TACO Playbits encourages children to learn the basics of music, math, or the English language by tapping specific building blocks on a pad with a tool called a Smart Wand.

One of the best parts about the Playbit? It's easy-to-use design for visually-impaired children because the Playbit comes designed specifically with Braille.

The other toy to come out of Robotrix at CES 2018 is the TACO Robobrix. By waving your Smart Wand, you can bring these Lego-like creations to life! From the company's press release:

Developed to expose preschoolers and early elementary children to screen-free TAngible COding, 21st-century skills like critical thinking, collaborative learning, the TACO line of interactive learning toys encourages learning through hands-on play.

Both TACO Playbits and TACO Robotix are available for preorder right now and will ship in September 2018.

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Octopus Watch

Teach your children personal responsibility without boring them or making them feel like they're in a constant lecture with the Octopus Watch!

This particular device by JOY is the first icon-based watch that helps kids learn good habits and the concept of time with a goal of fostering responsibility, independence, and self-esteem.

The watch features 700+ icons to match every activity, allows parents to set up a chore list, stores important information like phone numbers, allergies, and blood types, and is perfect for children ages 3 and up

It's so successful at motivating young minds because it manages to turn everyday chores--like getting dressed or using the potty--into quick games. Kids can't resist rushing to complete the task when the corresponding icon pops up on their screen. (HeyJoy)

You can pick up the Octopus Watch in two different colors — sky blue and strawberry red — for around $80.

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SmartGurlz is a brilliant (and VERY needed) toy brand whose line of self-balancing robots and action dolls are encouraging young women to become tomorrow's programmers by showing women how to code while still combining the classic elements of dolls and play-time!

Is she interested in the latest tech? Or does she struggle with math concepts and how they apply to her own life? With SmartGurlz, girls ages 6 and up will learn to see science, technology, engineering, and math in a whole new and engaging light. (SmartGurlz)

The dolls come with a variety of strong characters and personalities, including Zara, a tech wizard and hacker with all the latest gadgets, Jen, a handy teen mechanic with can repair pretty much anything, Jun, a young chemistry star who loves fashion and doing experiments, Maria, a mathematician and an animal lover who also happens to be a vegetarian, and Emma, a brilliant creative artist who loves painting and photography.

Our SmartGurlz characters provide important insights into the worlds of Science, Engineering and Math as well as daily life with school, friends and new adventures. (SmartGurlz)

Once you connect your doll to your smartphone or tablet, you can instantly start controlling your SmartGurlz by coding different actions and functions. The doll's ultimate goal? To get young girls coding in a world that's been primarily dominated by boys. You can pick up your very own SmartGurlz for around $80!

Kolibree Magik Toothbrush

When you think about dental hygiene, the next thing you think about is augmented reality, right? Well if you haven't, then the Kolibree Magik Toothbrush will change how your kid brushes their teeth.

Magik takes little brushers on a tooth-brushing adventure that motivates them to brush their teeth every day. Magik detects the toothbrush movement and position to coach kids, so that they brush right way. (Kolibree)

The toothbrush comes with an app for your iPhone that lets you know if your child is brushing their teeth and how well your child is brushing their teeth by using Computer Vision technology.

So why will kids love the Kolibree Magik Toothbrush? Pair it with a smartphone or tablet and you can brush your teeth in 15 different immersive worlds that'll have your kids choosing their own adventure as they get full dental benefits, too.

After deciding between an evening spent with pirates, a royal princess experience, or more, kids earn Magik Masks and stickers as a reward for good brushing. Magik's app takes brushers on wild pirate rides, or magic kingdom adventures with interactive gameplay to help kids learn healthy brushing habits.

The toothbrush isn't available quite yet, but you can sign up to get notified once the brush is in and receive a 50% discount code for another product called Ara: the world's first toothbrush with artificial intelligence.

Have you seen any toys that have caught your eye?

Does CES have toys a'plenty this year? Or do you wish there were more fun tech toy options for your tot?Let us know what you think of our list and any other types of tech toys you'd love to see in the comments below!

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