Best Low-cost Bluetooth Headphones for Apple TV in 2022

Sometimes you want to enjoy some alone time with your Apple TV, and one of the best ways to do that is by connecting a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

When you think Bluetooth headphones, you may be under the impressions that you have to spend hundreds of dollars, but that's not true! Bluetooth has come a long way and you can get some great sounding cans for much less.

Here are our favorite low-cost Bluetooth headphones to pair with your Apple TV.

August EP650

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These headphones are a personal favorite of mine and I can't recommend the August EP650 enough.

I have listened to every kind of music imaginable with my pair of EP650's, and I am impressed continuously by the sound quality it provides. The bass is deep and powerful, while the highs remain crisp and clear, giving you an excellent, balanced sound that will most likely please your ears whether you listen to hair metal or classical.

August says that the built-in battery — which charges via Micro-USB — will last you for 10 hours, but I consistently get about 12 hours of use out of my pair, and that's with connecting the EP650 to multiple devices each day. Plus, the big, comfy pads on the cans make wearing the headphone all day easy as pie without hurting your ears, which means you can sit enough of your TV for hours and never feel uncomfortable.

If that's not enough, August includes playback controls on the right side of the headphones that will let you skip tracks, adjust volume, and play/pause your music, audiobooks, podcasts, or anything else! The buttons work great, but only in certain apps, so your thoughts on their usefulness will vary.

For only about $45 you'll be hard-pressed to find another pair of headphones that offers such an excellent experience for such a low price.

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Jabra Move Wireless

Considered to be one of the top performing Bluetooth headphones by a lot of people, The Jabra Move Wireless has been The Wirecutter's top pick for years, which is definitely saying something.

Originally launched in 2014, the Jabra Move Wireless haven't let up against the competition even four years down the line.

They don't offer touch controls, but despite that, you're still getting a solid overall sound and reasonable battery life — about eight hours of play time. Plus, they still have an on-board microphone, so when you're done playing a game on your Apple TV, you can always use the Jabra Move Wireless to take calls on your iPhone.

It costs around $60, but tend to sound just as good as headphones that can cost twice as much.

Anker Soundbuds Slim

If you're looking for a really cheap set of headphones to use with your Apple TV or just prefer earbud-style headphones, the Anker Soundbuds Slim are perfect.

For only $20, the Anker Soundbuds Slim offers up to seven hours of battery life, perfect for long gaming sessions or binge-watching Stranger Things when your roommate is asleep. Plus, there's even in-line remote control to help you control music playback, or even take calls when you choose to use them with your iPhone.

Anker is kind enough to include a couple different sizes of the ear hooks and ear tips, so you should be able to fit the right fit for you ears and not have to worry about the earbuds slipping out during use.

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BÖHM Wireless

When you think of noise-canceling headphones, you probably think they would cost you hundreds of dollars, but the BÖHM Wireless will only run you about $85.

Made from mostly metal, the BÖHM Wireless are quite durable for a pair of on-ear headphones, and they offer up to 18 hours of playback on a single charge. Now that's a lot of TV!

What makes the BÖHM Wireless is the inclusion of active noise cancellation, which you can activate with the flick of a switch. Just like that, the BÖHM Wireless can make you feel like it's just you and your TV as it drowns out the outside world.

Now, I know $85 is much more expensive than any other pair on the list; however, the solid construction, long-lasting battery, and, of course, noise-canceling feature make the BÖHM Wireless well worth the price.


Sony has been in the audio space for a long time, and although the company has some amazing high-end Bluetooth headphones, its budget MDRZX220BT shouldn't be overlooked.

Just like its all-black plastic design, the Sony MDRZX220BT is very much a "no frills" type of product. It boasts an 8-hour playback time, a built-in microphone, and surprisingly big drivers for being so compact. In each can, you'll hear a 30mm driver that packs a decent punch and deliver a pleasant consistent sound.

For about $58, the Sony MDRZX220BT will give you plenty to feel good about.

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Which budget headphones are you favorite?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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