Best microSD cards for DJI Osmo Pocket 2023

Hero Dji Osmo
Hero Dji Osmo (Image credit: DJI)

Your DJI Osmo Pocket needs a memory card. Since you're shooting videos on the fly, you'll want something with read/write speeds that won't slow down your creativity. The Osmo Pocket is compatible with UHS-I MicroSD cards up to 256GB. Some cards are better than others, and, as usual, we have an opinion. If you're investing in a new microSD for your Osmo Pocket, spend your money wisely and grab one of our favorites.

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When you're shopping for a memory card for your DJI Osmo Pocket, speed is king. Without it, you can't save that super-crispy 4K video without the card sputtering. You'll also need a bit of room to stretch your creative muscles, but there's no need to go overboard. A 32GB microSD will give you about 30 minutes of footage.

The best bang for your buck is the Samsung EVO Select 128GB microSD. It writes and reads at up to 100MB/s, has 128GB of space, and the price is nice. If you want to take one card out for an entire weekend and never have to worry about swapping microSD cards again, go for the SanDisk Extreme 256GB. It's a large capacity microSD with 160MB/s read speeds and is built for the harshest of conditions.

And if you want a foolproof microSD explicitly made for photos and videos, go with the Gigastone Camera Plus 256GB. It's designed to capture vivid details and action and is compatible with most DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and action cams.

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