Best MicroSD Cards for the Kodak Printomatic (Max 32GB) iMore 2021

So you just picked up a Kodak Printomatic instant camera, congrats! It's a good option for those just starting in the world of instant cameras, and it's easy to carry so that no moment escapes you. While the benefit of an instant camera is to have the photos print out automatically, sometimes you want to have a digital copy of the image too. Fortunately, the Kodak Printomatic supports microSD cards up to 32GB. Here are some of the best options out there for your Kodak Printomatic.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB

Great overall option: SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC card

Staff favorite

The SanDisk Ultra is one of our favorite microSD cards. It comes in a variety of sizes, including 32GB. It's affordable and has a solid and reliable transfer speed of up to 98MB/s. We pick up these cards often and have had zero issues. Plus, the price is right!

$9 at Amazon
Samsung EVO 32GB

Good budget pick: Samsung 32GB microSD EVO Memory Card

If you're on a budget, this option from Samsung is always affordable and starts at 32GB. It has read speeds of 95MB/s and writing speeds up to 20MB/s. You can even get a bundle option (for slightly more) that includes a USB card reader, just in case your computer doesn't have an SD card slot.

$8 at Amazon
Kingston Canvas Select 32GB

A trusted brand: Kingston Canvas Select 32GB microSDHC Card with Adapter

Kingston has been around for a long time, but it's not mentioned as much as other brands. It's still good, and the Canvas Select is more than enough to help you keep digital copies of your Kodak Printomatic captures. It has data speeds of up to 80MB/s and is built to withstand extreme environments.

$9 at Amazon
Samsung Pro Endurance 32GB

Built to last: Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB microSDHC Card

Samsung's PRO Endurance microSD card is a little more expensive, but it is capable of so much more. While it can work perfectly fine with your Kodak Printomatic, it's also a good choice for video monitoring cameras. It does 4K, full HD recording, and playback. Data transfer speeds are 100MB/s. Also, it's waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof, X-ray-proof, and even magnetic-proof.

$11 at Amazon
SanDisk Extreme 32GB

Go extreme: SanDisk Extreme 32GB microSDHC Card

We're big fans of SanDisk, and while the Ultra that we mentioned earlier should be enough for most, if you need more, then check out the SanDisk Extreme. It starts at 32GB capacity, is ideal for 4K UHD and Full HD video, and it has transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s. You also get SanDisk Memory Zone app for easy file management and RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software in case anything should happen.

$11 at Amazon
SanDisk Ultra 32GB two-pack

Double up and save: SanDisk 32GB x2 microSDHC Ultra

If you need a few microSD cards for various things (one for your Kodak Printomatic and another for your dashcam), then you should look into this multi-pack of our favorite, the SanDisk Ultra. The price is good when the individual cards aren't on sale, and you save time and money by buying two-at-a-time. Plus, microSD cards are everywhere nowadays, so the more the merrier!

$13 at Amazon
Lexar High Performance 32GB

When you want high performance: Lexar High-Performance microSD Card with Adapter

Lexar isn't as easy to find as the other name brands, but the company makes some pretty good stuff. This high-performance microSD card comes in a myriad of storage capacities, including 32GB, and has a transfer speed of up to 95MB/s. It's great for pretty much everything, including 1080p full HD video, 3D, and even 4K recordings.

$8 at Amazon

Final thoughts

These are some of the most recognized name brands out there when it comes to microSD cards. My personal, trusted favorite is the SanDisk Ultra microSD card, as I've purchased multiples of these in various capacities and they have all been very reliable without breaking the bank. If you're looking for something slightly cheaper, Samsung is a good choice. This card is ideal for your camera and also works well with video.

It's never a mistake to have too many microSD cards on hand, which is why I can't help but recommend the SanDisk kit. You get two high-quality cards for one affordable price.

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