Best mirrorless cameras 2023

Nikon Z6ii Hero
Nikon Z6ii Hero (Image credit: Nikon)

Mirrorless cameras are quickly replacing bulky DSLRs. With optical viewfinders, lighter bodies, and frequently updated software, it's not hard to see a day when mirrorless makes DSLRs obsolete. If you're looking for the best digital camera today, start here. These are the top mirrorless cameras on the market this year.

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Should you buy a digital camera in 2022? That depends on what you're shooting and where. Mirrorless cameras are the future, and they are some of the best digital cameras you can buy, and each year they get more impressive. The camera that tops the rest is the Nikon Z6 II. It's a full-frame shooter with IBIS, works well for any shooting style, and comes with an ultra-sharp f/4 kit lens.

Sony was the first to come out with a mirrorless camera, and they continue to hold the leading position when it comes to autofocus. Newly released, the Sony A7 IV has impressive autofocus and handling.

If you're just getting your feet wet, start with the highly-regarded Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV. A micro four-thirds camera, this one is a great all-around shooter that's small enough to take anywhere.

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