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The Cricut Joy is a crafting, cutting, and drawing machine that is perfectly sized to use anywhere. Along with its diminutive size, you can buy crafting materials sized to fit the Cricut Joy perfectly. But what if you have larger card stock, paper, and vinyl that you wish to use in the smaller machine? That works, you just need to trim your materials to size. A paper trimmer is a great way to cut your materials to fit the Joy perfectly. Here are some of the best paper trimmers for your Cricut Joy.

Fiskars Paper Trimmer Cricut Joy

Best all-around: Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer

Staff Pick

You can't go wrong with Fiskars products. The SureCut wire cut-line lets you see where the blade will cut for excellent accuracy. The blade and rail are interlocked with Fiskars' patented TripleTrack System, so your cuts are straight and steady. You can cut up to seven 12-inch sheets of paper at a time. Fiskars products also carry a lifetime warranty.

Cricut Paper Trimmer Cricut Joy

Cricut's own: Cricut Portable Trimmer

Cricut makes a great paper trimmer with an easy-glide blade system, and it's suitable for the Cricut Joy or any other Cricut projects. The dual-hinged rail lets you insert paper from either direction. The swing-out arm measures materials up to 15 inches long and helps ensure that materials are properly aligned before cutting.

Swingline Paper Trimmer Guillotine Render Cropped

Guillotine style: Swingline Paper Trimmer

Ever since witnessing a co-worker slice off the tip of her finger with one of these, I personally avoid guillotine style paper cutters. Don't let that stop you if this type of trimmer is your preference. The popular Swingline trimmer has a safety guard rail and can cut up to 10 sheets of 12-inch paper at once.

Bira Craft Paper Trimmer Cricut Joy

Compact option: Bira Craft Paper Trimmer

If your storage space or workspace are quite limited, you might like the Bira Craft Paper Trimmer. It only cuts up to two pieces of card stock at a time and your paper can't be larger than six inches wide, but it does the job.

LETION A4 Paper Cutter paper trimmer for Cricut Joy

Well-priced: LETION A4 Paper Cutter

Obviously modeled after the Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer, this one has similar features. It's even made from recycled post-consumer plastic. It cuts up to 12 sheets of paper at once, each one 12 inches wide. The swing-out arm helps align your paper properly every time.

WORKLION Small Paper Trimmer

No arm: WORKLION Small Paper Trimmer

Another trimmer modeled after Fiskars', this one lacks the swing-out arm that ensures proper alignment. If you don't need the arm, this is a nicely-priced option. Cut paper up to 12 inches wide. You can cut up to 12 pieces of paper at a time.

$8 at Amazon

Which paper trimmer for Circut Joy is a cut above?

A Cricut Joy is a great product, but it's only made better by great accessories. I do love the "smart" materials specially made for the Cricut Joy since they are perfectly sized and they allow you to skip the mat. However, if you just prefer to buy the cheaper full-sized papers and vinyl, a trimmer is a worthwhile investment.

The "standard" materials are usually 12-by-12 inches. If you're using a mat with the Cricut Joy, the maximum width is 4.5 inches. A good trimmer lets you cut your materials to that exact width in seconds.

I've been a Fiskars fan since I was a little girl borrowing my mom's special scissors (when I was allowed to). You can't go wrong with the Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer. The arm swings out to allow for accurate cutting of 12-inch materials, and the blade and rail system is beautifully designed for straight cuts and being able to see what you're cutting. It's made from 80% post-consumer recycled product and it has a lifetime warranty. Alternatively, I'm a big fan of the Cricut Portable Trimmer. Feature-wise, it's pretty similar to the Fiskars trimmer and color-wise it matches better with Cricut machines and tools. Some users say the Cricut Portable Trimmer's blades last even longer than the Fiskars model.

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