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Phone rings allow you to reach more of your screen and reduce finger and hand strain, and they are more secure than pop-out phone grips. For some added fun, you can choose a ring that matches the color of your cellphone, or that is a complementary color, such as a gold ring on a black case. Our favorite is the FitFort Finger Kickstand because it works with both smooth and textured phone cases, works with hands-free mounts, has a durable and stable design, and is budget-friendly.

Best Overall: FitFort Finger Kickstand

The FitFort Finger Kickstand is the only phone ring we reviewed that works with textured phone cases. The strong 3M VBH tape is so strong it can hold up to 11 pounds. This strength helps the kickstand feature of this ring remain stable while it holds your phone in place on a table or other flat surface, and makes it a good choice to use for several models of tablets, too.

The base is made from several layers of zinc alloy and stainless steel. This allows the ring part to rotate around 360 degrees and angle the ring so it feels comfortable when you're gripping the phone. It also works with magnetic holders such as handsfree car stands. The final, four-coat layer finish is scratch resistant.

This phone ring can interfere with wireless charging. The best solution is to attach the grip a little lower or higher than the direct center of the phone.


  • Attaches to textured cases
  • Works with tablets
  • 360-degree rotation
  • 180-degree angle flip
  • Compatible with magnetic holders


  • Interfears with wireless charging
  • Adhesive is not reusable

Best Overall

FitFort Finger Kickstand

Firm grip for all cases

This phone ring connects to magnetic car holders and kicks out so you can watch movies or listen to music handsfree. The 3M adhesive adheres to textured phone cases.

Runner Up: Spigen Style Ring

The Spigen Style Ring is a comfortable hand grip that attaches well to smooth phone cases. The d-shaped ring gives it a bit of added stability when using the kickstand feature and it can be angled or rotated to fit your needs. The adhesive that attaches the ring to your cell phone can be reused by simply wetting the adhesive before reapplying the ring to another phone.

This ring isn't bulky so it won't bulge or snag when you slip your phone into your pocket. It comes in seven colors to match most smartphone colors. It includes a dash hook, so you can mount your phone to your car's dashboard for a handsfree experience while driving. This is important since the base of this cellphone ring doesn't attach to magnetic car mounts.


  • D-shaped ring
  • Rotating grip
  • Reusable adhesive
  • Includes car dash hook mount
  • Not bulky


  • Doesn't stick to textured phone cases
  • Not compatible with magnetic car holders
  • Interrupts wireless charging


Spigen Style Ring

D-shaped ring for stability

This D-shaped ring makes the kickstand feature sturdier when set on a hard surface. It comes in with a hook mount to attach to a car dashboard while driving.

Best Value: Lamicall Cell Phone Holder

The Lamicall Cell Phone Holder is a cheap ring, but only in price. The design of this phone ring is still good quality with a metal base that attaches to car phone mounts and an adjustable ring that is strong enough to hold your phone steady on a desk or tabletop in portrait or landscape positions.

This phone ring works best with smaller devices that are between 4 and 8 inches. The ring itself works as a cable winder, so you can keep earbuds and chargers handy without getting in the way. You can choose from five different colors that make most cellphone colors including black, silver and rose gold.


  • Adjustable stand
  • Works for portrait and landscape modes
  • Ring doubles as a cable winder
  • Five colors


  • Not recommended for larger devices
  • Won't stick to textured cases

Best Value

Lamicall Cell Phone Holder

A budget-friendly option

This budget-friendly finger phone holder works best thinner phones. The metal ring doubles as a kickstand and a cable winder for earbuds and chargers.

Lifetime Warranty: Aduro 3 in 1

This universal phone ring is designed with a double layer, rubberized ring that grips your car's air vent to create a handsfree mount. It also kicks out to stand your phone up while you watch videos or take a photo. Also, when you slip it on your finger, the plastic ring gives you a good grip to avoid accidentally dropping your cellphone.

Because this ring is thicker than most metal phone rings, it tends to be a little bulkier. You can expect a little bulge when in your pocket. The plastic adhesive is very strong but can be reused if you want to change the ring from one device to another. All that is required is to wet the adhesive before reattaching it.

One unique feature of this phone ring is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. If for any reason you have a problem with this 3 in 1 phone ring, it will be repaired or replaced without a hassle.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Rubberized grip ring
  • Doubles as car mount


  • Doesn't work with magnetic mounts
  • A bit bulky

Lifetime warranty

Aduro 3 in 1

Lifetime Warranty

This cellphone finger holder slips right onto your car's air vents. The adhesive is reusable so the ring can be removed and replaced on another device.

Large Ring: Humixx Universal Phone Ring

The ring of this smartphone kickstand has a larger diameter compared to others, so it is more comfortable to use if your fingers are a little bigger. The ring doesn't have jagged edges, so it is also comfortable while you hold and use your phone. It uses a sturdy 3M adhesive to attach to your smooth phone or phone case.

The ring doubles as a kickstand and its base is compatible with magnetic phone holders. You can choose between three different colors so your ring complements your phone.

Because it is a little bigger, this phone ring works well with tablets. However, it also tends to block wireless charging. For some Qi-enabled devices, you can position the phone ring a little higher or lower to use a wireless charger.


  • Larger ring to fit bigger fingers comfortably
  • Compatible with magnetic phone holders
  • Strong enough to use with tablets


  • Blocks wireless charging
  • Adhesive isn't reusable

Large Ring

Humixx Universal Phone Ring

Good fit for large fingers

This phone ring is a comfortable fit for larger hands and fingers. The zinc alloy and stainless steel case doesn't have rugged edges and has a high-end, quality look.

Bottom line

The best phone rings work with every kind of phone and case, double as a kickstand so you can set your phone on a table or desk, and work with handsfree mounts, especially magnetic car dash holders. To be honest, the Spigen phone ring is more popular among cellphone, but it doesn't work with textured phone cases, which is why the FitFort Finger Kickstand gets our top spot.

FitFort has a comfortable, durable design and strong adhesive that works with any type of phone case. Made from scratch-resistant material, it works with handsfree car mounts, including magnetic ones, and kicks out so you can set your phone on a flat surface to watch movies or take pictures more easily. FitFort rings are also a few dollars cheaper than other phone rings making them a bit more budget-friendly.

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