I've given and received many photo gifts over the years, and they are always a hit. Whether you give something functional or decorative, photo gifts feel personal and special. There are so many online photo printing services out there that make some fabulous gift items. Whether you create a photo card, a canvas print, a photo book, or any other gift item, it will surely be enjoyed for many years.

Mixbook Photo Book Render Cropped

Coffee table worthy: Photo book

Staff Pick

I've made a lot of photo books over the years, both for myself and to give as gifts. They are a wonderful way to commemorate a special occasion, vacation, or just the everyday. Photo books are a delightful trip down memory lane.

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Coffee or tea-worthy: Photo mug

Your gift recipient will bask in memories every time they sip their favorite beverage in their photo mug. Choose from a wide variety of photo mug shapes, sizes, and materials. Emblazon the mug with a single photo or make a photo collage.

Walmart Photo Gifts Photo T Shirt Render Cropped

Heart on your sleeve: Apparel

This can be tricky if you don't know the person's size, but if you can figure that out, photo apparel is a fun way to go. Whether it's a t-shirt, hoodie, leggings, apron, socks, or pajama pants, this photo gift will be worn again and again.

Snapfish Photo Gifts Photo Custom Face Mask Render Cropped

Sign of the times: Face mask

Make wearing a face mask just a little more bearable with a photo or photos of your choice. Bring a smile to someone's face (even if it's covered up) with a fun or funny photo.

Amazon Photo Gifts Photo Blanket Render Cropped

Cozy: Blanket

Your gift recipient will love snuggling up with a favorite memory or memories. A warm, fuzzy blanket personifies the warm and fuzzy feelings they will get from a photo blanket.

Mixbook Photo Gifts Wall Art Render Cropped

Home decor: Wall art

Blow up a single meaningful photo or create a giant collage of favorites. You'll turn a blank, boring wall into something special your gift recipient will appreciate. Whether you choose canvas, metal, wood, or acrylic, you'll be turning a photo into art.

Walmart Photo Gifts Photo Jewelry Render Cropped

Wearable: Jewelry

Your loved one can wear your photo close to their heart with a photo necklace. Other photo jewelry items include bracelets, keychains, pins, and charms that can be attached to anything.

Walmart Photo Gifts Photo Stuffed Animal Teddy Bear Render Cropped

For kids and kids at heart: Stuffed animal

A cute, huggable teddy bear sporting a photo t-shirt is a fun gift for kids of all ages or anyone who likes stuffed animals. The photo area will be small, so be sure to choose a photo with lots of impact. Alternatively, make a stuffed animal that looks just like a beloved pet with Petsies!

Amazon Photo Gifts Photo Ornament Render Cropped

Deck the tree: Christmas tree ornament

What better way to decorate the tree than with family photo ornaments? Start a fun and meaningful new family tradition with a yearly photo keepsake ornament.

Walmart Photo Gifts Iphone Photo Case Render Cropped

For the techie: iPhone case

Your gift recipient can show off a favorite photo every time they whip out their phone. Whether you choose a single photo or a collage of favorites, they will never look at their phone as "just a piece of tech" again.

Walmart Photo Gifts Photo Tote Bag Render Cropped

Carry a memory: Bag

Your loved one can carry a precious memory with them wherever they go. You can have a favorite photo or several in a collage featured on a tote bag, duffle bag, backpack, laundry bag, grocery bag, and more.

Shutterfly Photo Gifts Photo Puzzle Render Cropped

Fun activity: Puzzle

Turn your memories into a fun pastime with a photo puzzle. Whether you choose a single photo or make a photo collage, your gift recipient will enjoy putting the puzzle together. Choose from a variety of sizes and number of puzzle pieces.

Which should you choose?

The particular gift you choose will depend on your recipient, of course, but you cannot go wrong with any of these. Overall, Mixbook makes a variety of fantastic quality photo gifts. I love that you can make a single personalized photo card. It's so much more special than a card you'd buy in a card shop.

If you want the option to do all of your holiday shopping from your phone or iPad, go for Shutterfly. You can choose from a virtually endless selection of fantastic photo gifts, plus you can do it right from the Shutterfly app on your phone.

For the best prices and in-store convenience, go for Walmart. You'll find more photo gift options than you can think of, plus some of the items you can pick up in-store the same day you order them.

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