Best Photography Drones in 2020

Drones are not only fun to fly, but they're also a great tool. If you are into video and photography, drones can be the ticket to a perfect shot. Really, the sky is the limit. If you are looking to expand your perspective and capture some great images, we've gathered a list of some of the best photography drones available.

A lot of good choices

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Ultimately when you're buying a drone for photography, there's one manufacturer to be drawn to immediately, and that's DJI. The Chinese brand is still leagues ahead of any other drone maker, and the Mavic 2 Pro is the current king of the hill. If you're looking for camera quality, you can't beat a 1-inch Hasselblad sensor on something you can fold up and toss in any bag.

But DJI isn't the only company making good photography drones. The Parrot Anafi has a unique camera gimbal that rotates vertically through 180 degrees that allows for some very different angles, while the 20MP sensor shoots gorgeous photos and videos, even with HDR.

Drones are expensive, too, that's never been in doubt, but something like the Hubsan Zino Pro proves that you can get a drone that has all the bells and whistles, the compact folding body that everyone loves and a great camera all for less than half the price of a DJI Mavic.

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