Best Polaroid Mint Camera & Printer Bundles iMore 2019

Even though we're in the age where digital photography reigns supreme for the most part, there is still something charming about instant cameras. They're compact, easy-to-use, print our photos instantly, and just downright fun to use for spontaneous moments you want to remember. Polaroid's new Mint Camera & Printer is an excellent option to consider for instant camera fans, and here are some of the best bundles that you should check out!

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The basics: Polaroid Mint Instant Print Digital Camera

If you're looking to get started, then you can't go wrong with just picking up the camera itself. When you buy the Polaroid Mint Camera + Printer, you'll get the camera, a starter pack of ZINK paper, the charging cable, and a wrist strap. It's pretty much everything you need to get started with Polaroid Mint, and the price is right. The Polaroid Mint comes in black, white, yellow, red, and blue.

$99 at Amazon

Give it as a gift: Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Camera Gift Bundle

If you plan on giving the Mint as a gift to someone, or just want a bunch of extras for yourself, you can't go wrong with the Gift Bundle. The Gift Bundle includes the camera itself, along with 20 sheets of ZINK paper, a deluxe carrying pouch, nine sticker sets, twin tip markers, a photo album to keep your prints in, hanging frames, and a 100 sticker frameset. The gift bundle is available for all color options of the Polaroid Mint.

$130 at Amazon

Go all-in with Mint: Polaroid Mint Instant Digital Camera All-in-Bundle

If you plan on utilizing the Polaroid Mint for all of your photo album or scrapbooking needs, then this is the bundle to go with. It includes 20 sheets of ZINK printing paper for your photos, a deluxe pouch, photo album, nine unique sticker sets, markers, scissors, border stickers, and more. This is a great value, especially if you don't already have a lot of craft supplies at home. The All-in-Bundle is available in all of the colors that the Mint camera comes in.

$150 at Amazon

Are you eager to pick up a Polaroid Mint Camera + Printer bundle to start shooting and organizing all of your fun prints? It's one of our favorite instant cameras right now, so it's definitely worth looking into. Personally, from these bundle options, we'd recommend the All-in-Bundle just because you'll be getting the most bang for your buck, and it's not too much more than the base camera itself. You'll be able to capture everything and organize your shots into fun, personalized albums.

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