Best Polaroid Snap Bundles iMore 2020

Vintage cameras are cool again. Suddenly, we're doing away with complicated heavy cameras and bringing back the small and portable gear of yesteryear. And it makes sense; the best camera is the one you have with you. The Polaroid Snap is a fun instant camera that pocketable, inexpensive, and prints photos out right before your eyes. If you're looking to get the most for your money, take a look at these Polaroid Snap deals.

Everything you could ever need: Polaroid Snap Gift Bundle

Staff Pick

Get all the goods with the Polaroid Snap Gift Bundle. This gigantic kit includes the Polaroid Snap Instant Camera. You'll also get 20 sheets of Zink paper, nine bright sticker sets, a camera storage pouch, twin-tip markers, hanging frames, a photo album, and a tripod. Wow! If you'd prefer to buy everything at once and cover all your creative bases, this is the bundle to get.

Paper to spare: Polaroid Premium Zink Photo Paper Bundle 100-sheets

You never know when photo opportunities will present themselves, so it's always wise to stock up on essentials. The Polaroid Premium Zink Photo Paper Bundle includes 100 sheets. Zink Photo Paper is smudge-proof and tear-resistant. It also produces vivid, high-resolution images on earth-friendly paper. Grab this 100-sheet bundle and share your pictures more freely.

Dress your pictures up: Polaroid Originals Photo Border Bundle

This massive sticker set gives you the tools to decorate and personalize your Polaroid Snap photos. You'll score 100 border stickers with this collection. You choose the designs you favor, and then stick the borders around your pictures. Choose from vivid patterns, decorative hearts, postage stamps, and more. This 100-piece set of sticker borders from Polaroid is fun for any age and adds a unique personal touch to your work.

Get started: Polaroid Snap Starter Bundle

Crafters will adore the Polaroid Snap Starter Bundle. You'll take home the Polaroid Snap camera and a protective neoprene carrying case. Also, this full-featured kit comes loaded with extras like a photo album, sticker pack, extra 20 sheets of Zink paper, markers, and protective silicone skins. This bundle even includes a craft project.

Protect your gear: Polaroid Snap Protective Kit

Protect your investment with the ultimate bundle: the Polaroid Snap Protective Kit. As tough as the Polaroid Snap is, it can pick up scratches and dings from general use. Wrap your camera in a protective bubble with an EVA silicone skin. This bundle comes with the Polaroid Snap camera, six silicone skins, a sticker set, and 20 sheets of Zink paper.

Summing it up

We adore the Polaroid Snap, finding it an excellent entry-level instant film camera. And we love our accessories. The best deal going is the Polaroid Snap Gift Bundle. It comes with the Polaroid Snap camera, stickers, markers, a carry case, a tripod, and photo paper.

Cameras can pick up scratches and smudges during everyday use. You can prevent a lot of those dings with the Polaroid Snap Protective Kit. This bundle comes with a Polaroid Snap camera, six EVA case protective silicone skins, a sticker pack, and Zink film.

Paper is something you always want to keep on hand for those unexpected moments. This Polaroid Snap Photo Paper Bundle is stocked with 100 sheets of Zink paper and is a steal.

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