Best Pop Filters for your Blue Yeti in 2020

Best pop filter for your Blue Yeti
Best pop filter for your Blue Yeti (Image credit: Blue Designs)

If you're just getting started with your brand new Blue Yeti microphone, a pop filter is a great accessory to pick up. A pop filter is generally a screen disk that goes in front of your microphone to help reduce popping and plosive sounds as you articulate worlds and sounds from fast-moving air hitting the mic. The filters on this list will all do a great job of keeping your plosives under control and keeping your listeners' ears happy. When it comes to the best pop filters for your Blue Yeti, here are our top picks.

The bottom line

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Picking any one of these pop filters will help you deal with those popping noises that can sneak up in your recordings. Using a pop filter or windscreen will make editing your recordings easier, and listening to them more pleasant. If you're looking for a solid, high-quality choice that is designed for use with a Blue Yeti, the Auphonix 6-inch pop filter is a great option. This pop filter features dual-layered mesh that reduces audio interference due to plosives and delivers heightened sound quality in your recordings.

The Moukey Metal Pop Filter features a unique design that incorporates the use of both metal and nylon mesh to create the optimal recording environment. Ambient noises, excessive breathing, and plosives are sifted out, leaving behind a flawless sounding audio recording for you and your listeners.

If your recording studio is in the back of a moving vehicle as you podcast about an incredible adventure, then the ChromLives Pop Filter Combo Pack may be a great option for you. This combo pack is equipped with a dual-layered pop filter, a furry windscreen, and a foam cover to block out the sounds of wind, plosives, and more, allowing your listeners to focus on what you want them to hear. This combo pack reduces distracting sounds and is great for use outdoors.

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