Best pop filter for your Blue Yeti

Best Pop Filters for your Blue Yeti iMore 2019

If you're just getting started with your brand new Blue Yeti microphone, a pop filter is a great accessory to pick up. A pop filter is generally a screen disk that goes in front of your microphone to help reduce popping (also known as plosive) sounds caused when you speak certain letters (words with 'b' and 'p' in them, for example, often cause this popping). The filters on this list will all do a great job at keeping your plosives under control and keeping your listener's ears happy.

Yeti-Ready: Auphonix 6-Inch Pop Filter

Made with the Blue Yeti in mind, the Auphonix pop filter can clamp directly to the stand that comes with the Yeti, or to your desk if, for instance, you use your Blue Yeti with a microphone arm. It features a double-layered mesh screen and a strong gooseneck arm for easy positioning and re-positioning as you need it.

$20 at Amazon

Official solution: Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter

The official solution from Blue, the company behind the Yeti, this filter is made to fit any of the company's microphones. This includes the Yeti, and this filter's included arm allows it to be clamped directly to the Yeti or the surface where your microphone sits.

$30 at Amazon

Compact and portable: WindTech PopGuard 2000

This WindTech filter attaches to the actual bulb of the Blue Yet using built-in elastic bands and fits any microphone between 46mm and 68mm. WindTech says it's also hydrophobic, meaning you won't need to worry about saliva in your mic. It's also easy to clean.

$38 at Amazon

A great alternative: Vocalbeat Foam Windscreen

While not technically a pop filter, this windscreen from Vocalbeat performs the same job: keeping your plosives under control. It fits snuggly down on your Blue Yeti and is made from premium acoustic foam.

$13 at Amazon

Simple and cheap: Neewer NW(B-3)

Like our Auphonix pick, the Neewer filter offers a double-layered mesh solution for keeping plosives at bay, as well as an easy-to-use clamp and gooseneck arm for positioning. It's also just over one-fifth the price of the Auphonix, making it a great affordable option if you're just starting out with your Yeti.

$6 at Amazon

A colorful option: HDE 6-inch Pop Filter

With a simple, sturdy clamp meant to fit on your Blue Yeti, the HDE filter is another affordable option. You can also get it in red instead of just the standard black, so if you want to add a little more color to your audio setup, this filter will help.

$11 at Amazon

Heavy metal: Soonhua Metal Mesh Pop Filter

Like other filters, Soonhua's product uses a double-layer mesh to weed out your popping plosives, but where others use a cloth mesh, this one uses metal. Soonhua says that this helps not only block plosives, but ambient noises, excessive breathing noises, and more. It'll also clamp to your Yeti or your desk.

$13 at Amazon

Complete cover: Mudder Foam Windscreen

Protecting your microphone from dust and spit, the Mudder is another windscreen with the Yeti in mind that'll keep those plosives under control.

$5 at Amazon

Clamp it anywhere: InnoGear Microphone Pop Filter

The clamp on the InnoGear filter will attach to most tubular microphone booms, as well as any desk. Once again, this is a filter featuring a dual-layer mesh, meaning that it will more easily disperse air pressure from your mouth than a single layer could, giving you a consistent sound.

$7 at Amazon

Picking any one of these pop filters will help you deal with those popping noises that can crop up in your recordings. Using a pop filter or windscreen will make editing your recordings easier, and listening to them more pleasant and pop-free. While some of these filters can get a little expensive, a lot of them are very affordable, so pick one up and improve your recordings right now. If you're looking for a solid, high-quality choice, take a look at the Auphonix 6-inch pop filter, which is both sturdy and affordable.

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