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Best Portable Grills in 2022

There's really no better way to cook your meat and veggies than on a grill, whether set up for propane or charcoal. Perhaps you even enjoy adding a bit of applewood smoke flavoring to your foods. What about when you want to head out on a road trip or the park for a family outing? Hauling a full-sized grill doesn't make much sense, but luckily, there are these great portable grills that will fulfill your cooking needs.

Get grilling

Just like when looking for a grill that will be your go-to outdoor cooking appliance at home, there are plenty of factors to consider picking your portable grill. Deciding how much cooking space you will need and what fuel source you want should be at the top. Do you prefer the simplicity, speed, and consistency of propane, or maybe the ceremony and flavors you get from charcoal? These points are due to the same consideration for your portable grill, as well.

For anyone looking to invest in an outstanding portable propane grill that delivers 12,000 BTUs of cooking power, the Weber Q2200 (opens in new tab) should be seriously considered. The Weber Q2200 gets you plenty of cooking space as well as significant heat to handle anything you want to gill up. If you prefer the flavor of charcoal, then, Weber's Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill (opens in new tab) is a great choice for a lightweight grill from one of the best in the business. Weber kettle grills are known for the smoke and flavor they can impart while cooking with charcoal. For the best of both worlds with the simplicity of propane as well as the flavor of charcoal, the Masterbuilt MPG 300S (opens in new tab) is going to be the best bet. Their inclusion of a smoke box with its own burner gets you just the right amount of heat onto the wood chips, so you can get the perfect smoky flavor into your foods.