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The Best Protein Bars to Eat after a Workout in 2022

Whey protein is the best protein to consume after a workout, particularly whey isolate. Whey isolates are absorbed by the body very quickly and yield a very high percentage (min. 90%) of pure protein. They help build muscle, support recovery, and maintain strength while working out to burn fat. Here's a few of our favorites to help get you pumped.

To sum things up

Our fave is the Permalean Protein Bar (opens in new tab) because it's packed with 20g of pure whey isolate and milk isolate protein, and it won't break the bank. If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you'll want to stick with the Garden of Life Organic Sport Protein Bar (opens in new tab) to get 20g of pure plant protein. If you're looking to splurge and want to go 100% whey isolate protein, try the Marigold Whey Protein Bar (opens in new tab).

It's a great idea to consume any of these bars post workout after considering any dietary or health restrictions so you can support muscle recovery, build muscle in future workouts, and maintain muscle while working out to burn fat. Consuming 20 grams of protein within 2 hours after a workout is the most effective to promote maximum muscle growth. Beware, a much heavier dose likely won't have any major added benefit and might actually pose potential health complications in those with kidney issues. So, don't over-do it!

Nicolette Roux
Nicolette Roux

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