Best replacement Lightning cables for iPad Air 3 iMore 2020

When you're using your Lightning cable every day to charge up your iPad Air 3, eventually you're going to notice some wear and tear. Plus, you only get one Lightning cable in the box so if you want to charge your device at work and home, it means you'll be carrying around your charging cable with you everywhere. Whether you need more than one cable, or just want to have a back up on hand in case something happens to one that comes with your iPad Air, here are the best replacement Lightning cables!

Lifetime warranty: Anker Powerline+ II

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The Anker Powerline+ II is the best cable I have used hands down. It's nylon braided, meaning it can get tangled, twisted, and tugged on without affecting its performance and Anker even backs it up with a lifetime warranty. Plus, the cable is 10 feet allowing you to work more comfortably away from the outlet, computer, or other power sources you're using.

From $20 at Amazon

Low-cost nylon braided: AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable

Tougher, cheaper, and longer than Apple's included Lightning cable, the AmazonBasics nylon braided Lightning cable is perfect for people in need of an extra. This 6-foot cable is not only braided making the cable itself stronger, but the ends are reinforced with rubber to prevent fraying and bending on the cables weakest point.

$13 at Amazon

Apple replacement: 1byone Lightning cable

If you like the standard cable Apple ships with its iPhones and iPads, but don't like paying for replacements, the 1byone Lightning cable is an affordable and almost indistinguishable replacement. 3.3 feet long, white, and Mfi certified its everything you need, no more; no less.

$10 at Amazon

Retractable for convenience: AmazonBasics retractable Lightning cable

Although the AmazonBasics retractable Lightning cable is only two feet long, it can coil up for easy storage and can help you keep your desk tidy by cutting down on the number of cords and cables you have strewn about your workspace.

$13 at Amazon

Super tough: Fuse Chicken Titan Travel Lightning cable

If you like to carry your Lightning cable with you everywhere, the flexible stainless steel wrapped Fuse Chicken Titan Travel Lightning cable is billed as the toughest cable around. It should never tangle, meaning you don't have to worry about it juggling around in your bag, and it's only 19 inches long, meaning it won't take up to much space when you're on the go.

$15 at Amazon

Buy in bulk: TNSO Lightning cable 5-pack

Want a Lightning cable at work, by your bed, in your car, and everywhere else you can place one? The TNSO Lightning cable 5-pack gives you two 3-feet, two 6-feet, and one 10-foot nylon braided Lightning cables, so you can have tough cables that shouldn't fray anywhere you want to place them!

$15 at Amazon

Although it's not the cheapest option on the list, the Anker Powerline+ II is by far the one I recommend the most. It's tough, long, and comes with a lifetime warranty, so if something ever happens to it, I know Anker has my back.

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